Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

Hey Everyone!

Happy Small Friday to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the U.S!  Hope you are having a lovely day with friends and family and some delicious food–very jealous on the food part–especially since I missed Canadian Thanksgiving to hit up some cross border shopping and the Minnesota Vikings.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, I’m posting a Canadian Thanksgiving running photo–yep…it was my second half marathon ever–in a town just outside of Ottawa, Ontario.  It was the Fall Colours Half Marathon and it was beautiful.  Lots of rolling hills, beautiful fall foliage, farms with lots of animals and even a few BMWs from the rich people nearby who swore at me for taking up room on “their” road. 😐

Fall Colours Half Marathon circa 2007

Fall Colours Half Marathon circa 2007

After this race was over, T and I hit the grocery store so I could make key lime pie for a proper Thanksgiving feast that was being hosted by our mutual friends R & K.  It was K’s first time cooking a “Canadian” Thanksgiving dinner since she moved from India and it was tremendous.  I still look back on that weekend away so fondly.  It gives me great joy to know that I’m going to be seeing all the wonderful people mentioned in this post in about seven weeks–and R &K’s gorgeous baby girl…I can’t forget her–so excited to meet her!

Much luv and Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!

~Princess Lisa




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