Gratitude Challenge: November 17

Another week of things to be grateful for…if you are feeling grateful–share it in the comments!

Sunday: 11/17/2013

1. I finally got my arse back to the gym today after a seven day hiatus.

2. Spent the afternoon with my aunt and my cousin–which was truly lovely.  I must resolve to spend more time with them.

3.  My co-blogger, Princess Lindsey, is back in action after a rough couple weeks.

Monday: 11/18/2013

1. I took the day off from the gym because I was exhausted after not sleeping the night before and because I had to go visit my grandparents and put some of that insulating, heat seal plastic stuff on their windows.  I was in bed at 9:30–which is totally rare for me and it was fantastic.

2. My grandpa was having a good day and remembered who I was.  Each time that happens, it brings me joy.

3. I wrote a blog post that allowed me to get some stuff off of my chest and it felt pretty great.

Tuesday: 11/19/2013

1. I got free breakfast at an event–bacon and eggs–was super indulgent and delicious.

2. I was given a lot of positive feedback on the aforementioned blog post–which truly made my day.

3. I ate some Bourson Cheese on a piece of toast for the first time–it was like heaven… on toast.

Wednesday: 11/20/2013

1. I managed to stay awake at day two of the event I was at–despite it being freezing and boring (which is a recipe for me to fall asleep).

2.  I ran into a lovely, former work colleague at the event–which made the day a bit brighter.

3. I saw some gym friends for the first time in weeks–which also made me feel special as they said they were worried about my absence from the gym.

Thursday: 11/21/2013

1. I received a compliment on my skirt from a stranger at the dry cleaner.

2. I was super productive at work and this evening.

3. My dad’s friend from high school, who goes to my gym, brought me back coconut syrup from Hawaii…guess how is having tropical pancakes for breakfast on Saturday! 🙂

Friday: 11/22/2013

1. I made super awesome looking (and hopefully tasting) vegan cupcakes for a Christmas party tonight.


Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes with Vegan Vanilla Coconut Buttercream


Vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan minty chocolate ganache

2. I had a productive day at work…again…and even snuck in a quick bit of online shopping at my lunch.

3. I had a great time with my gym friends at the party–was so wonderful to see them after my hiatus over the past month.

Saturday: 11/23/2013

1. Coffee with my bestie, while touring the aisles of a Canadian Target.

2. My migraine meds worked when I needed them to.  If only they didn’t leave me a bit brain dead after taking them.

3. Spent a good portion of my day in bed, sleeping, relaxing, which was much needed, especially given my migraine.

Hope you had a great week, too!

~Princess Lisa


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