Five for Friday

Oh it’s that special day again–Friday.

I am incredibly thrilled that it is Friday—only because my sleep has been horrible this week and I’m looking forward to catching up on the weekend….and baking these for girls night on Sunday….and putting up my Christmas Tree.

Today’s Five for Friday is dedicated to Surviving Winter…as, well, it officially hit Winnipeg on Sunday and the snow and the holiday lights just make it seem like the right time to talk about how you can ensure you body survives the Winter.

Winnipeg is horribly dry in the winter–as is most of the Canadian Prairies.  The dry air does make the cold slightly more tolerable, but my skin is horrible.  My face is flakey, my body is itchy, my hands crack, my lips chap.  It’s not a pretty picture.  Then there is my hair–which always seems to be extra dry and static filled. There are ways to deal with it–and no that does not include hibernating indoors.

1. Face: The answer is oil!  Wash with luke warm water, apply moisturizer and then apply a facial oil after the moisturizer.  It is truly a game changer.  I wish to thank the blog The Beauty Department for sharing this pearl of wisdom–since I switched the order, my skin has improved dramatically in terms of flakiness, make up durability and even my little bit of acne has improved.

2. Body: Just get a thick old tub of body butter.  I like Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, but there are other brands that do just as well.

3. Lips and Hands: Hand lotion is key for hands, obviously, but if you don’t feel like carrying around a big tube of hand lotion, buy yourself a lip salve like Rosebud‘s.  You can use it on your lips AND as a moisturizer for you hands.  I even put extra around my cuticles to keep them from ripping/cracking.

4. Hair: Again, the answer is oil.  Get yourself some Moroccan Oil or equivalent. Even if you hair is dry, pop a small bit onto your palms and rub it into the ends of your hair and perhaps whatever reside is left on your hands into the rest of your hair (this shouldn’t be a lot).  This will help keep the frizz away.  I also recommend doing some deep conditioning with coconut oil–pop it in before you go to the gym and wash it away after–and your hair will behave a little more.

5. Brain:  this is a key one.  The days are very short–in fact, around Christmas, Winnipeg gets less than 8 hours of daylight, which is hard to deal with after having such long, glorious summer nights where it is light out until 10pm.  I recommend getting outside, mid day, despite the chill in the air, for 20 minutes to get a bit of sun exposure and Vitamin D.

I also recommend making plans with people to do things (that includes the gym), despite the cold, in fact, especially when it is cold.  Hibernation is good in small doses, but the winter is far less depressing when you do stuff outside, inside, whatever, but do it…Oh and by not hibernating, you will be less inclined to mindlessly munch in front of the TV–something both you and your waistline will live to regret.

Much love and happy, wintry Friday!

~Princess Lisa



2 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. I like your suggestion of using the salve for your hands. My fingers crack really bad during winter and I’m an obsessive hand washer. I found that finger nail glue (crazy glue) works great at sealing the cracks and keeping the germs out so they can heal while still being washing and moisturized.

    • I have never tried finger nail glue, but I might have to for the extra nasty cracks. I also use the salve on my face if I am ever talked into running outside in Winnipeg’s frosty winter weather. Helps keep one’s skin from cracking and wind burn.

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