TBT and a side of happiness


I am overwhelmed by the kind words and support by everyone from my post on Monday.  I cannot thank you enough and I am confident that I will find Mr. Right, despite the deplorable males I recently encountered, and that Lululemon’s Chip Wilson (and any other similar minded companies and CEOs) will get the message that hating female bodies will no longer be tolerated.  I urge you to let your dollars to the talking if you feel the same way about Lululemon.

As a tribute to rocking it and loving one’s form, no matter what weight, I’m putting up one of my most favourite photos of me…are you ready?  I know I am….

Surfin' Girl

Surfin’ Girl

This is me in Hawaii…five years ago…almost to the day…and my dear aussie bestie is the lovely young lady behind me.  This was my second attempt at surfing (my first was in Cronulla Beach in Australia) and my first time really feeling like I could surf.  I got up on the board almost every single time, thanks to the amazing instructors at Hawaiian Fire Surf School.  By they way, ladies, the instructors are off duty fire fighters…just an FYI.

Despite not feeling very confident about my body at the time due to some emotional/break up stuff I was dealing with, I felt like a million dollars on the surf board that day and continue to view this picture with a whole lot of pride.  I even remember showing this photo to one of my local besties and I distinctively remember her complimenting me on my legs and how great, strong, muscular they looked. Needless to say, this compliment made my day.

It also makes me happy because I had the courage to not let my bad feelings about me at the time, keep me from doing the things I wanted to do on this trip.  I wore a bikini, my first ever purchased bikini, for the entire trip.  Mostly due to the instance of my Aussie friend.  She insisted that I looked great and strongly encouraged me into wearing it…I’m so thankful for her for giving me that boost when I didn’t have it in me.

In about a year, I will be in Hawaii again, with this friend, her husband and her daughter and I cannot wait.  This friend and I have helped each other through many struggles, successes and tears and I miss her so much right now, that I can barely think about it. If only that darn Pacific Ocean wasn’t so wide and so expensive and time consuming to fly over.  It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve seen my friend…it’s the longest that we’ve gone without seeing each other since we met in 2004, so you know that our Hawaiian Meet up in 2014 is going to be pretty insane. 🙂

Happy Thursday aka Small Friday everyone! 🙂



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