Is it too early….

to start listening to Christmas music?

Too bad….I’m rocking the tunes.  Bring on the Marshmallow world Mr. Dean Martin and Mr. Springsteen, please tell me who’s comin’ to town.

And…since I am all into getting into Christmas early, why not post my first Christmas List of the year?  Oh and no, it won’t just be running gear. lol.

1. Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment.  Ever since trying brown butter ice cream at the newest hotspot in Winnipeg (it’s called Chew and it is Uh-MAZE-ing), I have had the desire to try making my own version–only problem is that I don’t have the tools.

2. Silpat cookie sheet liners.  They are supposed to be amazing and they are re-usable, unlike the many rolls of parchment I have gone through in my lifetime.

3. The Winter Collection Sampler Set from David’s Tea.  All the flavours look divine and winter is the only time I tend to drink copious amounts of tea.

4.  A leather motorcycle jacket.  I don’t have a link because I can’t find one online that I like.   However, I do not currently have a leather jacket (and haven’t had one for about 10 years) and think it would be a nice addition to my collection.

5. These running socks from lululemon.  The last thing I probably need is more socks, but these look so fun, despite my general hate on for mid-shin socks pulled up onto one’s leg when working out (excluding knee high compression socks).  The colours are all fun and according to the early reviews, these socks don’t collect hairballs and lint like the other lulu socks do (it’s really gross, if you don’t have any pairs yourself).

What is on your Christmas list this year…so far?  😉

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa




6 thoughts on “Is it too early….

    • oooh! Nice! I’ve heard great things about the CWX tights–and the ones with the stars are gorgeous! I got a French Press last year for coffee and it’s changed my life–coffee tastes better (and the iced coffee with french press is amazing) and I never use my old school drip brewer/traditional coffee machine anymore. Hope Santa gets you what you want! 🙂

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