Hi Everyone,

I want to thank my friends and blog followers for their well wishes for my dad. We left the ER at about 11pm, with no signs of a cardiac event (he was experiencing stroke-like symptoms) and slowly decreasing liver enzymes in his blood (they were increasing at a scary rate when he got to the ER). Fortunately, after a few days of rest, some healthy food and some meds, I am happy to announce that he is doing well. My dad still has some pretty invasive diagnostics and serious future surgeries ahead of him, but I’ll take him feeling good in the meantime and will just hope that everything turns out well moving forward.

While I am thanking people, I also feel as though it is appropriate to thank my co-blogger, Princess Lindsey. Not only did she check in with me during my dad’s health scare, but, last week, she was kind enough to invite me to stay with her during my few work days in Calgary. She made me feel incredibly welcome and I am so appreciative of her and her boyfriend’s hospitality.

Thanks again everyone! I owe you guys cupcakes! 🙂


~Princess Lisa


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