Mini Update and a Musical Five for Friday

How in the world has it been a week since I last posted anything on the blog?  I mean, a week ago today I was on the road, en route to the wonderful Twin Cities where I ate, shopped and cheered my way through the weekend.  The Vikings game was a big disappointment, winning the “Wicked Lottery” and getting to see the musical for $25 bucks a pop was a wonderful surprise and I got myself a new outfit in new, smaller sizes…in fact, the skirt is the smallest numerical number I have worn in my adult life.  I realize I shouldn’t define myself by the number on the tag, but it felt pretty fantastic to size down in that skirt.  And yes, I will, eventually, post a pic.

I got home from the trip late Monday and work has been a gong show of events and last minute preps all week.  I am so glad to be going away for work next week, if only because the pacing won’t be as nutty as it has been this week.  Though…that isn’t the only reason why I am glad to be away next week–the best part of it is that there will be Prairie Princess Runner Reunion at the end of the week!  Lindsey and I haven’t seen each other since the spring, so it is going to be great to catch up with her in person…and we are even doing a Halloween 5K on Saturday morning before I fly back home to Winnipeg later that day.  Talk about having the best end to a work trip.

All things running have been pretty good..until last night.  I have done a few speedy workouts, including two four miles runs at a 7:30 min/mile pace (say wha!?) but my tight calves and plantar fasciitis is coming back with a vengeance and ruined my planned 10K last night.  Thank goodness I have a 90 minute “therapeutic” massage with one of the best runners in Manitoba on Saturday…hopefully he can make things good with my verge of seizing calves and sore heels/arches (aka the plantar fasciitis).

Anyway, I should really pitter patter as this is my last day at work for a week and half and I have lots of things to arrange before heading home today…..bbbuuuuuuuut, before I go, here are five songs that I am really loving right now…in celebration of Five for Friday

1. Patience by Guns N Roses.

Heard this on the radio this morning and I belted out the whole thing, at the top of my lungs, in my car.  I especially love that last bit with the acoustic guitar and Axl singing a solo over it…you know the part…the one that starts with “I’ve been walking the streets at night….”/

2. The Passenger by Iggy Pop

Whenever I hear this song, I think of my first trip overseas in my life to Ireland.  I had discovered this song just before leaving and it became my theme as I toured the country by car.  The song always manages to conjure images of the Irish country side and makes me feel like, even for a few moments, I am back there and seeing it all for the first time again.

3. A Change is Gonna Come by Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens

This is a cover, but it’s amazing, well, Naomi’s voice is amazing.  It just builds in this amazing slow burn, with quiet, emotional vocals to start, and then they strengthen to all out beautiful gospel style power by the end.  It just blows my mind and makes me want to become a singer, despite the fact that I have no singing talent whatsoever.

4. Royals by Lorde.

This new, poppy tune is addictive.  Listen to it if you haven’t yet and start your love affair with this talented young woman.

5. Raspberry Beret by Prince

I missed some sort of crazy private performance at Prince’s purple palace home in Minneapolis a few weekends ago.  I’ve had the pleasure of catching one of these late night, impromptu Prince shows–it’s nothing but great music, hits of his and covers of other people’s hits and it is mind blowing.  Def. go see Prince live if you can, and if not, just listen to the amazingness of this little pop ditty from the 80’s.

Happy Friday!

~Princess Lisa




4 thoughts on “Mini Update and a Musical Five for Friday

  1. Gah! You saw one of princes live mini shows?! Jealous. Although I have seem him four times. Albeit at the garden and a decidedly bigger venue. That said everyone should see him live at least once in their lives. Lovely!!!

    Your running bummer sounds crappy but still… You’ll be up and at it again.

    Hurrah on smaller size. You earned and worked hard for it. Don’t think about being a slave to a number. You worked your ass off. Or rather ran your ass off to get there. Done.

    • I did. I sat on stage with him and he also accidentally dropped his gum in my hair. I also found out that I just missed a “pyjama party with Prince” in Minneapolis this weekend. *sigh* one day my trip to Minneapolis will be timed perfect for another mini prince show!

      As for the clothes…i did run my ass off and I take pride in it–just part of me felt lame for buying an outfit because of the number on the tag…well, that and it was a great flipping outfit! 😉

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