Skinny Skirt Slimdown!



I’m 6 short weeks away from a stellar trip to NYC and, going to the land of models and celebrities, who wouldn’t want to look their best?! While I can say I look “not bad” right now, I’m certainly not where I once was.

This time last year, I was absurdly happy to find a gorgeous black leather skirt at one of my fav consignment stores. It was so soft and glossy and beautifully made with pleats and lace trim…and it FIT!! I decided to try it on today to gauge my progress (or regression) since then and…well…notsomuch. 😦 I can close the zipper but I don’t think I can breathe, and I can definitely not sit down! I would love to rock this skirt once again, this time while partying at Radio City Music Hall or touring the Met, so here’s what we’ve gotta do:

#1 – More healthy food from home, fewer trips to the food court! Lately I have had a nasty habit of ignoring my homemade lunches, leftovers, and snacks in favour of a trip to the food court or cafeteria with my coworkers. This has become problematic for both my waistline and my wallet! Quick Fix: only bringing cash in my wallet for the week – enough for maybe 1 lunch and 1 or 2 Starbucks dates – and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

#2 – I’ve been missing out on the gym a lot lately due to working late and other evening commitments, and it’s only going to get worse with a crazy month coming up at the office.
Quick Fix: I’m going to sit down at my calendar and carve off dedicated fitness time, and stick to it. That’s a valuable “appointment” that I need to keep! Also, I’m paying for it whether I go or not…so I might as well go!!

#3 – Convenience is key. Luckily, my gym is very convenient (when traffic is cooperative, at least). However, my meal planning, while well intentioned, has not been very convenient. My daily schedule is completely out of control: I’m barely at my desk long enough to answer the phone, let alone to scarf down a salad.
Quick Fix:
For the next little while, until things calm down, I need easier and more portable options. I’m thinking berry protein shakes for breakfast on my way out the door, meal replacement bars or shakes for lunch, and fruit, veg, and nuts for snacks. Although these might not be ideal choices (especially on the lunch front), they ARE better than skipping meals, forgetting to eat, or grabbing a Snickers bar and a Diet Coke in between meetings (“Better? Because you’re not you when you’re hungry!”).

Any tips for quick and simple nutrition, or for carving out a little extra workout time?? Let me know in the comments, I would love some help!!

Princess Lindsey


9 thoughts on “Skinny Skirt Slimdown!

  1. Eat something every few hours. Going too long without fuel hurts you

    Easy nutrient-dense items such as nuts with some fruit as a snack

    Lara bars are a great meal replacement bar as long as you eat the ones without added sugars and oils. My favorite is blueberry muffin

    Get protein. Will fill you up and keep the blood sugar from spiking and causing you to be tired and reach for something that won’t help you.

    Good luck

  2. I always keep an extra protein bar in my bag and a packet of trailmix/almonds. Look for a protein bar with minimal sugar, whole ingredients (less than 10 and able to pronounce!), and lots of protein. I think I do better when working out in the morning and also making my goals reasonable. I’ll say I need to make it to the gym three times this week instead of saying I’ll go everyday, because it’s more realistic!

  3. Drink lots of water! And always keep fruit, veggies or easy snacks on hand at work (think almonds, etc) so that you grab those instead of going to Starbucks or a vending machine for a treat. Have so much fun in NYC! I was there over Christmas last year and loved it

  4. On weeks when I am crazy busy I try and literally “run” my errands… need to go to the bank? Choose one a mile from your current location and get in a two mile run… got a doctor’s appointment? Can you cycle there instead of taking the car etc etc…
    Good Luck

  5. First thing I do in the morning – WORK OUT. I also always plan in advance, bringing food with me, when I know I am going to be away from home at lunch. I hate wasting food, so I always stick with the meals I bring with me!

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