Stateside Mini-Break

Squee!  Upon this workday concluding my extra long weekend will begin.  I am especially excited about this long weekend as I will be heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota with my dear old Dad to watch our faves, the Minnesota Vikings!  What a great Thanksgiving weekend ahead!  Yes, that’s right, it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.  So if you are an American and want an excuse to to a test run of your favourite pumpkin recipe, use Canadian Thanksgiving as your excuse. 🙂

I have many wonderful plans for my time in the Twin Cities.  A lot of them involve food–be it eating at my favourite restaurants (Hello Hell’s Kitchen for tasty breakfast) or hitting up Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for my staples to bring back.  I will also be hitting up the largest mall in the US, good ol’ Mall of America and a few shops in the downtown and Uptown areas as well for music, clothes, running gear, etc.

In order to be financially responsible, I have created a small list of items that I am hoping to find while I am stateside.  These include:

  • banana bread beer–saw it via a Whole Foods facebook post about Banana Bread Beer Pancakes.  My mouth has been watering ever since.
  • a thin, black, patent leather belt–I have been looking for ages and still kind find one I really like.
  • bras– Victoria’s Secret may be in Canada, including Winnipeg, now, but the real secret was that the bras are much significantly more expensive here than in the U.S.  Since losing weight over the summer, my bras fit horribly (bummer) and it’s time to get re-sized.
  • a clearance priced swim suit–I need something for all this triathlon swimming training I plan on doing.  The suit I currently use is from 2001 when I used to lifeguard as a student (and no, I am not joking…it really is that old).
  • Trader Joe’s Wisconsin White Cheddar Organic Mac and Cheese–I need to get a lot of this stuff.  It’s addictive and so much better than the fluorescent orange stuff.  It’s especially good when you mix in cooked bacon.
  • Asics Gels GT 2000’s (sale priced only).  I’m a bit nervous about buying these new versions of my running shoes as reviews have been mixed.  The old Asics 2100 series used to be significantly cheaper stateside, even without a sale.  Since the redesign, the shoe price has gone up…hoping I might come across a sale so I can replenish my stock.  I think I have only one pair of runners left in my “stash.”
  • tea from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  They opened up one in the Mall of America and my grandma likes their strawberry tea…and well, Christmas is coming after all… 😉
  • Bobby Brown gel eyeliner.  The stuff is amazing, and yes, it is significantly cheaper stateside.
  • cherry coke zero.  This is a migraine must for me and my stash at home is gone, gone, gone.

Hopefully I end up finding these items.  I also have an extra stash of cash for a little indulgence that is impractical/fun, if I find something worth the cash.

Anyway, I should get back to work–lots of stuff to do before I head out.  Much love everyone and see you in a few days!

~Princess Lisa

P.S. Skol Vikings!



11 thoughts on “Stateside Mini-Break

  1. Oooohhhh…shopping!

    Agreed on Bobbi Brown gel liner. Wearing it now in fact! Lovely and stays on like a mofo.

    As for the bras…I recently had to do a rehaul too and might I suggest going to a more local bra store. Thing about VS is that their sizing etc is only for their bras. They might not actually measure you accurately. Also I find their bras stink and don’t really work or look the best in comparison to other more bra-centric stores.

    That said, if you dig VS and their relatively more inexpensive lingerie, go for it. It’s just I’ve found better alts going to speciality shops. The prices might be a little higher at times but the quality is so much better. I finally know my true size!

    Not sure what is in Canada but I do find Bloomingdale’s has a good lingerie dept and ladies who are pretty good at measuring.

    Have fun in the States!

    • The Bobbi Brown stuff is def. the bomb. I remember getting my make up done in Vegas and I fell asleep with my make up on at 4:30 am…even when I woke up a number of hours later, it was still nearly perfect.

      Thanks for the tip on VS–I have definitely noticed their sizes don’t fit like other bras I have owned (specifically ones I have purchased from bra shops), but I thought it was just me. Maybe I’ll hit up Bloomingdales instead and if I don’t find anything, just wait til I get back to the peg and then hit up shops here.

      • That’s my thing. I had a bra I liked from vs but they changed it and it didn’t fit and would hurt.

        I ended up paying more for other bras but they are quality and fit better and honestly the girls are now looking cuter!!! The best part about bra shops is they know their stuff. And will be honest about fit.

  2. For me, no trip to Mpls is complete without an evening at Chino Latino. The food is fantastic and I feel obliged to order the “Crack Ho Mojito” every time. It’s uptown, but totally worth the drive even if you are staying downtown!

      • I can’t recall ever having desert there; I usually stuff myself silly on the apps and entrees. It’s a really fun place for group dining. I’ll have to save some room next time!

      • Def. try to save room for the s’mores platter. It comes with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, a crazy, little, fire pit thing to cook the marshmallows with, banana slices, super thin ginger snaps, and some roasted nuts. So delicious.

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