“I’m Melllltiiiing!”

OK, so I’ve seen a whoooolllle bunch of running & costuming posts come up lately…like this one, and this one of our own!  Princess Lisa & I also just signed up to run the Halloween Howl together in Calgary! – yay!  – So many dress-up opportunities!

When we visit Disneyland or Disney World, our favourite characters stand out as “real” to us not only because of their costuming, but also because of their expressive, exquisite faces that are the perfect blend of Disney animation meshed with real life.


Perfectly pretty: Disney makeup is bright and bold!


Want to kick your own costume up a notch? Want to look truly authentic?  Then you need gorgeous stage makeup!!  But I can already hear the sob story: “I can’t run AND maintain a face like that!  I sweat like a pig, not a Princess!  I’m going to melt like the Wicked Witch!  And then my skin is going to be totally gross for like a week after.  SO not worth it.”  But that doesn’t have to be true, my friends!  You CAN have it all! – the cute costume, the makeover makeup, AND a great, high-effort, high-intensity run!  Here’s how! –>

1. Start with clean skin.  Of course your eye makeup is going to look like a mud puddle of colour if you start slapping stuff right over-top of yesterday’s makeup!  On that note, why are you sleeping with your makeup on anyway?…

2. The first step to bright, long-lasting makeup is to use a primer cream or gel.  I like to use one by Bare Minerals, but any drugstore brand will work too.  A primer does two important things:  A) it creates a protective barrier between your skin and makeup, preventing pores clogged full of sweat & colour;  B) it makes makeup pigments appear more intense and last longer, through sweat, humidity, or intense lighting (like on a stage or at a photo shoot).

3. Choose vibrant colours.  Check our your character’s “live action” counterpart by googling for their picture; zoom in on their face, if you can.  Generally speaking, they aren’t wearing soft, neutral makeup colours.  Brighter hues give you more bang for your buck – even if they fade, kiss off, or sweat off a little, there should still be lots of colour left, especially because you applied your primer, right?!

4. Buy higher quality makeup, if you can.  I know it’s not practical to go buy a $25 tube of dark purple lipstick for your Villains costume, because you’re only going to wear it once.  But if you can make a colour do double-duty by adding it to your regular rotation, it’s worth it to buy the good stuff.  Higher quality makeup tends to last longer, both on your face and in your drawer.  It is usually made with richer pigment (and waterproofing), so less product is required to create the desired bright and intense colour on your skin, meaning that the jar/tube/compact will last you longer.  Also, we’re not talking “high quality” like celebrity style $200 eye cream; I mean, shop Sephora or department store brands if you can (lots of them are even sold on Amazon!), rather than drugstore or dollar store.

5. Post-run/performance, make sure to do a good job of cleaning off your skin.  Even with a primer protecting it, it probably endured a lot of abuse: sweat, maybe smoke or smog, and chemical-filled makeup.  Cleanse, exfoliate with a gentle face wash/scrub, and moisturize, and your face should be no worse for the wear!

Some of my fav sweat-resistant choices include:

Powder eyeshadows by M.A.C.  I prefer to use powder over cream/gel when it comes to a long-lasting choice.  If you wet your brush before applying, it makes colours appear even more intense (although a bit harder to blend).
Milani Eyebrow Kit.  Most people don’t have big, bold, well-defined brows…but most characters DO.  Study yours and if you really want to imitate them well, add a brow-defining product to your arsenal – it can even be as simple as using brown eyeshadow or liner.
Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  This stuff is like a tattoo, it stays so well.  If I chose not to wash it off at night (which, of course, I always do, don’t you?!), it could probably last 2 or 3 days, it’s that good.
M.A.C. lipstick (real lipstick, not lip gloss), with Too Faced lip primer.
What’s your next costumed outing? Have another tip or fav brand?  Let us know in the comments!

Princess Lindsey


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