September Stridebox Review

Stridebox is a fun subscription service that delivers a box of trial-sized running goodies straight to your door once a month for $15 (or $20, including shipping to Canada).  Both Prairie Princesses have paid subscriptions to Stridebox.

The Good

  • NOW – A3 Bar – Honey Graham Smores
    • Princess Lindsey:  I thought the flavour of this bar was good.  I consumed it about half an hour before the start of Melissa’s Road Race last Saturday.  If you’ve read my race review, you’ll already know that I crashed hard, so despite being tasty, maybe it’s not appropriate pre-race fuel…
      Princess Lisa:  This might be one of the tastiest “bar” foods I have ever eaten in my life.  It did not taste powdery nor like some weird chemical version of the food it was supposed to taste like.  It actually tasted like S’mores.  I wasn’t expecting much, especially since S’mores are one of my favourite treats, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I would actually consider buying this again…if I could find it locally.
  • PROBAR Bolt – Energy Chews – Orange
    • Princess Lindsey: I packed these for a mid-race snack at Melissa’s Road Race (I know, I know – never eat something on race day that you haven’t tried before…but the ingredients seemed benign enough, and I didn’t have a chance to go pick up my proper gels, so I just used what I had on hand…).  You can check out that race recap for a bit more info, but I ended up scarfing these around mile 2, and by mile 4/5 I was feeling much better.  They were also easy to eat, the quantity was good, the taste/texture was good, and obviously the impact was good, so I’m going to give these 5 stars all-around.
      Princess Lisa: I have yet to try this product.

The Mixed

  • Fuel100 – Electro-Bites – Salty Vanilla / Apple Cinnamon
    • Princess Lindsey: I have yet to try this product.  I considered packing it as race fuel for Melissa’s Road Race, but went with the PROBAR chews instead – these didn’t seem like they would be very easy to eat mid-race.
    • Princess Lisa: I received the apple cinnamon flavour and was surprised that it was savoury–and it was quite pleasant.  The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the fact that the bites were a bit chalky.  I washed it down with the Happy Squeeze COCO drink (see review below) and it kept my hunger away for my spin class.
  • AeroShot Energy – Air based energy shot.
    • Princess Lindsey: I 90% liked this product.  Concept: cool.  Packaging: nice and small, easy to carry.  Effect: good, I think.  Taste: not the best.  It was supposed to be green apple flavoured, naturally, and although I did taste green apple, I also tasted something really bitter.  I imagine that’s what powdered B vitamins taste like.  All in all, I liked it, and I think I would probably pay the $3 and use it as a pre-race pick-me-up.
      Princess Lisa:  I have yet to try this product and to be honest the concept is weird enough that I might not ever try it–we’ll see.
  • Happy Squeeze – COCO Orange Mango
    • Princess Lindsey: I’m not really a fan.  The flavour was OK, but the texture threw me off – it was thinner than most gels, but thicker than water/juice.  The package is also quite large in terms of portability; for portion size, it’s alright.  I didn’t hate it, but I definitely wouldn’t run out to buy it.
    • Princess Lisa: I was mixed on this item, too.  It was definitely thick, but it helped sustain me for the spin class I went to when I had no time to have breakfast.  I drank it warm and that probably didn’t help things–it would likely be better cold, perhaps mixed with some vodka.  Haha!
  • StrideBox – Runners’ Training Log
    • Princess Lindsey: This isn’t for me.  I’m not going to sacrifice space in my gym bag for a paper book and pen when my iPhone running apps track all that data and more, and do all the math and calculations and store the routes, etc.
    • Princess Lisa: I really, really love hand written journals and stationary, so I sorta loved that I have a paper journal (despite the fact that my mileage is all tracked on my garmin).  I always fall off the wagon with documenting my runs–hopefully this small journal will help me be more diligent.
  • Stridebox “Eat  Sleep  Run” Sticker
    • Princess Lindsey: I liked the size of this sticker and, obviously, the slogan, so I slapped it on the back of my Otterbox iPhone case.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t even lasted the week.  The sticker is staying put (which was actually my primary concern), but the graphics are rubbing off – I can no longer see an “R” in front of “Run.”  I like the concept, but clearly this isn’t durable enough to stick to anything other than a simple notebook.
    • Princess Lisa: I stuck this to my carry-on suitcase.  Since it won’t face a whole lot of trauma, being a carry-on bag and all, it is likely that mine will last.  On a side note, the “Rather Be Running” sticker included in the August Stridebox, is not very durable and is falling off my larger, check-in style luggage.

The Unknown

  • Eboost – Natural Energy Booster

This product is untested by either Princess so far.

Are you a Stridebox subscriber?  What did you think of the September box?  Let us know in the comments!

* Disclaimer: The purpose of Prairie Princess Runners product reviews is to provide information based on real- life use of fitness products in order to inform readers and help them make shopping decisions. The product reviews in this blog are based on our own opinions and experiences.  Unless otherwise stated, all reviewed items have been purchased for our personal use. 


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