Healthy Fitspo Challenge

Good Day Everyone!

Recently I’ve read a number of articles (a, b)  about the fitspo (aka fitness inspiration)  quotes, memes, etc. that one finds on fitness blogs, Pinterest and the like, and about how unhealthy and unrealistic they are.  Things like this:

<<BTW…if you search “fitspo” on Pinterest, eventually you get a lot of pictures of fellow Canadians Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, shirtless….(so glad I did this post). But I digress.>>

As you can see from above,  there are a lot of crazy messages and unrealistic images….and I think there needs to be a movement to create some realistic fitspo memes, pictures, messages, mantras, etc., and get them out into the world.

I want to propose a challenge to other fitness/running/health blogs out there to create healthy, responsible, HEALTHY fitness inspiration memes,pictures, quotes–one a day (if you can), for the month of October .

If you want to join the challenge and help create a responsible, HEALTHY fitspo movement, pop in a link to your #healthyfitspo submission in the comments so we can share it with everyone else.  Please tag your memes/posters/photos/quotes/mantras, etc. as #healthyfitspo–post them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…whatever platform you want. Once a week, Princess Lindsey and I will pick our favourites and share them with you on our blog.

One more thing, use real photos–no professional pics with airbrushed models posing in a gym with their bums or boobs hanging out.  We want to see real people, situations and inspirations as healthy and fit bodies of all shapes and sizes are possible in the real world.

I’m going to get a head start and share my first submission…it’s an obvious choice, but it really was my #healthyfitspo for the entire summer of 2013:


Stay Healthy!

~Princess Lisa


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