Gym Pet Peeves

Happy Small Friday Ya’ll!

I had an interesting night at the gym last night.  Now that fall is in full force and the nights are several hours shorter, people are finding their way back to the gym. *sigh*

Not only does this influx of people mean that my chances of having a hot date with my favourite treadmill every night (do you have a favourite treadmill?) decrease dramatically, but it also means that I encounter people with no gym etiquette whatsoever.

What are some of the things I encounter?  Here’s a top ten list:

1. Snotty tissues and candy wrappers in the water bottle holders of machines.

2. Machines/equipment that have clearly not been wiped down (got a handful of random sweat yesterday..ew)

3. People who wander onto the track, nearly causing a collision. Also, those who walk three abreast in the walk lanes, thus ensuring they take up a run lane too.

4. Gabbing for half an hour (or more) with other gym members or on your phone while using weight training equipment instead of just using it and moving on.

5. Asking me if I am done my sets on a machine/with a piece of equipment when I have only just started or just working in with me when I am taking a minute of rest from the machine without asking.

6.  Expecting that the equipment is still “yours” despite the fact that you’ve walked a few laps and are chatting, standing no where near it, until I decide to use it and then give me dirty looks because I am using it.

7. People doing work with dumbbells/free weights right in front of the dumbbell rack.  I don’t know how they don’t realize that they are in the way and setting themselves up for constant interruptions.

8. People stink from either too much or not enough body sprays/deodorants.

9. Naked sitting on change room benches, using hair dryers to dry themselves in intimate places (ew!).

10.  Wet towels on the change room benches and counters–sometimes covered in bodily fluids instead of returned to the gym laundry service.

What are some of your gym pet peeves?

Anything weird happen at your local gym that should be added to this list?


~Princess Lisa


17 thoughts on “Gym Pet Peeves

  1. Ok. You hit a nerve. While I ran on the treadmill last week, the older gentleman walking very slowly on the treadmill next to me proceeded to have a conversation with his buddy (who stood next to treadmill) for 35 minutes. They bitched about the state of teens today, the economy, etc. Not exactly motivational talk when I’m trying to run uphill for 45 mins. Take it outside, people!

    • I think any b!tching needs to be kept outside…unless it’s because you participating in some sort of endurance exercise…then I think mild, super quiet b!tching is allowed. 😉

      Otherwise, people need to keep their opinions on all things to themselves in public places where you obviously have to speak a bit louder to drown out the sounds of treadmills, ambient noise, piped in music, etc. Nobody cares and you never know who is around you and how what you are saying can impact them. Ugh!

      And now I will get of of my soap box. LOL!

  2. First of all, you have a track at your gym???!!! OMG!

    Also, it’s been so long I’ve been to an actual gym that I have no idea what to respond to first. The dryer being used for intimate body parts is…ew. OMG. It’s amazing how rude people can be. Shared space…we all pay the same amount to join!

    People – gah!

    • People indeed! lol. Yes, my gym has a track–10 laps to a mile on the outer lane and 11.5 on the inner lanes. It’s nice, except it’s filled with idiots–hence my time on the treadmill.

      Don’t even get me started on the actual idea of shared space on paying the same amount–my gym is also frequented by a lot of senior citizens during the daytime…and the experience of going at that time is painful in so many ways….mostly because their sense of entitlement is HUGE and they pay half of what I pay.

  3. AMEN! I go to a very small personal training gym so thankfully I don’t have to deal with too many shenanigans. One thing that drives me nuts though is the people who THROW THEIR WEIGHTS DOWN at the end of a set. I can understand working to the point of exhaustion, however, placing a weight down is a good way not to break the floor. The floor at my gym was just fixed from the potholes that peppered it and I don’t want to break an ankle because someone chucks their weight down at the end.

    Whew. That felt good!

  4. My office has a gym and they sent out multiple emails to people about, you know, you have to like shower and wash your clothes after each workout because it can be really smelly and please use deodorant. Yeah, that’s right, grown adults have to be told this. So I just avoid gyms as a general strategy.

      • I need that sign at my gym…for this one woman in particular…she stares at you and if you are watching tv on the machine while working out, she looks over your shoulder at your tv–it’s unnerving.

        I also find it unnerving when strangers decide to start up a conversation when you are in the midst of changing. Why oh why is it important to start a conversation as I’m taking off my sports bra?

        My gym has a no cellphone/camera policy in the change rooms–but like most of the rules in my gym, they are not enforced. I also don’t think the no cell phone pics thing exists in the gym itself…which is also a bit unnerving.

      • The last time I was in a gym it was empty and the one other person in there was a guy who came in and sat down directly behind me while I was on the treadmill and appeared to not be doing anything. It creeped me out a lot more than the homeless guys in dupont circle and I haven’t been back since…

        Gyms are likes centers of weird behavior!

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