Hear that sound?  That was me hitting a running funk.

This is rather unfortunate timing, given all of my goals and plans for 2014 races.

I knew it was coming–and I’m surprised it didn’t hit earlier.  Perhaps that was the Running God’s way of doing me a solid and making sure my Dumbo Double Dare was successful.

My last three runs have averaged 3 miles….and it’s 3 miles of heaviness and (relative) lumbering.  The lightness of my summer legs is gone, gone, gone.

I know it’s temporary though.  In a week or so, things will be back to normal.  My legs will feel light and fast (for me), my head will be energized and focused, and I will be knocking out sprints, tabatas and tempos like nobody’s business.

See…this is what makes running so wonderful and awful at the same time–when it’s good, it’s really good…and when it’s bad, it’s awful….but it passes and the next thing you know, you are in that good place again….and boy do you appreciate those good places when you’ve been through a funk.

So I’m doing the best thing I can–I’m taking the pressure off of myself for the week (as that tends to be how long these funks last) and just doing what I can and supplement some other activities so that I can keep my fitness up….after all, I do have a fantastic J. Crew coat to work for (btw–I am $4 closer to that coat–I had impromptu company after my workout last night and some potato chips were eaten…so delicious! )

I’m curious though, what do others do when they’ve hit a bonk stage in their running?  Do you cross train?  Take a few days off?  Just keep pushing through the misery?  I’m curious and would love some tips!

Take care and happy hump day!

~Princess Lisa



6 thoughts on “Bonk!

  1. You will persevere! Usually I push through it, but as a rookie runner I only do short distances anyhow. I need to figure out some other workouts to add in there though…I keep saying that, but one day I will! lol Good luck to you and keep plugging away!!

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