Motivation Zero? Pay Yourself Fit

Just a little over a month ago I got to run (and kicked some major arse by getting significant PRs) in the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare Challenge in Disneyland  (see here, here and here for race recaps).  After training so hard all summer and achieving my goals, I couldn’t wait to get back home and start my speed training in order to hit my 2014 goals.

Sadly, since I got back, my energy levels and desire to eat healthfully took a massive dive.  I think part of it is that letdown from a big goal and the excitement of a race and a trip and all that.  I also know that part of it is simply coming back to work, less daylight and colder weather. This has also meant an increase in comfort eating…and thus, tighter jeans…*sigh*

I’m using these tighter jeans as a call to action–to try and find my motivation again before I lose all that I worked so hard for this summer and make my 2014 goals next to impossible to achieve.  In the past, I have motivated myself with different things to help me when I struggle through training.  One particularly bad training season, I motivated myself with a Burberry scarf–the race was horrible, but it was worth it for the scarf.

Since it was a rather effective motivational tool, I am going to revamp it a bit to help me get back into action. Between now and Christmas, I’m going to pay myself to following as a motivational tool to make good choices in terms of working out and most importantly, healthy eating.  The end goal would be having a small stash of cash that I could use to buy a few Boxing Day clearance items at J.Crew.

There are 92 days til Christmas and I can earn up to $5/day with $1 bonus opportunities for each of the following: double workouts (ie two separate workouts in a day), spin classes, strength training (this cannot be combined for double workouts) or swim workouts.  Here is what it will look like:

  • Healthy Breakfast $1
  • Healthy Lunch $1
  • Healthy Dinner $1
  • Healthy Snacks $1
  • Workout $1

If I have a day off from the gym or I opt to indulge in less nutritious fare, I do not get paid.  If I go for a run followed by a spin class, I will get paid a bonus $2–$1 for the spin class and $1 for a double workout.  If I average $5/day, I will have $460 by the time Christmas comes.  Hopefully that will net me a few new items at during the J.Crew clearance sales.

I will keep you posted on my progress as well as what item(s) I wish to purchase with my “treat” money.  Right now I am thinking this amazing coat.   Though, I am in love with nearly everything in the store…so I could see myself ditching the coat and buying dresses or cool sweaters or something.

They have it in Navy, Camel and Cabernet

They have it in Navy, Camel and Cabernet


Thoughts?  Am I crazy?  Do you like this coat?  Have you ever financially rewarded yourself to workout?  How do you motivate yourself to make good choices?  Will you try my “pay yourself” plan?  If so, let me know how it goes!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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