Help! – Feeling Challenged by my new Fitness Challenge!

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Holy bananas! How am I going to conquer these crazy tests?!

So, just after I posted my new crazy training regimen earlier this week, my trainer emailed to say that he is issuing a new 6-week fitness challenge with the prize of a makeover and the chance to be the Fitness Ambassador and public “face” of our gym!  Cool, right?  So, I said I would partake.  I mean, what girl doesn’t want to win a makeover, and I also happen to be super-competitive.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, as he didn’t provide any criteria at the time…

…An email just hit my inbox this morning with the details, and here it is.  I will be coached all the way through this by my trainer, but does anyone have any secret, special tips to help me get an extra leg up on the competition?!

2 points will be given for referrals. ** I’m feeling very lost on this one.  I don’t have a ton of friends in YYC, as I haven’t lived here all that long, and the friends that I do have are already members of the gym, and that’s how I met them!  Any tips for recruiting new friends/acquaintances?

1 point for each % of body fat lost.  ** Yikes!  I haven’t measured in awhile, but I would guess that I’m around 28% body fat.  So, I’ve got lots of room to move…but I will be competing against other women who are probably at more like 30-35% body fat, so I figure I will have to lose 3 or 4% to really standout in this area, and that’s a lot of fat in 6 weeks.  Help?!

1 point for # increased pull-ups in 60 seconds.  ** Double yikes!!  I assume these will be assisted pull-ups (with someone boosting at feet or knees) because that’s how we do them when we train.  So, I guess we are going to be tested on Monday for how many we can do, and then tested in 6 weeks and we get 1 point per pull-up that we can increase (so if 10 next week and 30 at the end, that’s +20).  I typically do sets of 4-6 pull-ups right now, so for the sake of the contest I guess I will have to feign weakness on Monday and try to set the baseline as low as possible haha!  But, any tips for increasing upper body strength, grip, bicep, and shoulder endurance (other than just simply doing pull-ups!)?

Princess Lindsey


6 thoughts on “Help! – Feeling Challenged by my new Fitness Challenge!

  1. Not sure how you can meet new people but there is the site you can try.

    As for upper body strength push ups are the way to go. Start w a certain number and increase from there. Planking. Mountain climbers. They stink but they work.

    As for the body fat. You’ll have to keep an eye on your diet and I find apps or online diaries help. It just helps keep track of what your intake is and how much energy you burn.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the tips, especially on the pushups! I don’t have a pull-up bar in my house (I have debated getting one, but there’s just no good place to put it), so push-ups are much more feasible to do on a daily basis. As for the body fat, I know I’m going to have a tough time with that, as it’s hard to live with a calorie deficit when you’re training like mad (based on my crazy September training calendar, which I know you saw!). I think I’m going to just keep the mindset of “food as fuel” and try to keep my protein up and eat more good stuff and less bad stuff, and let my body do what it needs to do. I get so freaking hungry when I ramp up my running mileage…!

    • Great idea! I found out this weekend that we will give us “gift cards” for the challenge that are good for 2 free weeks of classes for anyone who brings one in. So essentially…I could just hand them out to people on the street, haha…but I think it’s better to find people who are actually guaranteed to redeem them…so we’ll see what I can dream up!

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