Expo Exhaustion


Don’t let my smiley picture fool you–I am exhausted!

The expo was lots of hurry up and wait….and sweat….and that wasn’t just for the merch, but for the bibs and the rest of your race kit, too.


I had scheduled a small meet up with a blogger/twitter friend-Karen (see above) at Just Me and My Running Shoes. Was so nice to have her and her husband keep me company in the crazy lines and offer up extra hands and fashion advice!

I got all the items I needed from the Disney Merch spot in the expo. I consider myself to be very lucky! I got a shirt for my grandma (as requested) and a number of tech T’s for me–including a Dumbo Double Dare t, a Coast to Coast T, an “I Did It!” DHM long sleeve T, a turquoise long sleeve DHM t, and a white DHM running hat. There was no tech 10k shirts–just regular cotton T’s. There were some great “will run for peanuts” DDD shirts, but i couldn’t spend any more and I prefer tech shirts over cotton.

Then there are the DDD finisher/race kit shirts–they are wonderful! So colourful–especially the Disneyland 10k–it is a gorgeous forest green.


I also pre-ordered some items from Raw Threads and the pick up was seamless–it just took awhile to actually find the person to get me my stuff in the chaos.

It took me almost 4 hours to get out of the expo. I am satisfied as I was able to get everything I needed, but I wish there was a better system for the lines–especially with the crazy heat hitting Anaheim right now.

Oh and one bummer–I have to go back to the expo–my bib (with the fancy chip) might have come in contact with a magnet–so I have to go back later tonight and get it checked out by the runDisney people.

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa


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