DDD Race Goals

Holy crap!

I am leaving for Los Angeles today….and in three more days I will be one of 5300 people in the world to begin the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare Challenge by running the inaugural Disneyland 10K, followed by my second running of the Disneyland Half Marathon, which will also satisfy Disney’s Coast to Coast Challenge.

So at the end of all this..all of these purtee pieces of bling will be mine.  Oh and I’m definitely bringing my princess medal with me for end of DDD pictures.

Run Disney Bling

Run Disney Bling

I’m really feeling good going into the races…and know that no matter what, I trained hard to get here and to have a far better experience than I did at the Princess Half in February.  Aside from a tight right calf, I am injury free, my lightest weight in three years and I feel strong and ready to run.

I always go into races with three goals.  Normally they are to finish strong, finish without stopping and get a certain goal time.  This time around, my goals are bit more focused.  Here are mine for the DDD:

1. Leave everything I have out on those roads. I want to try for PRs in both races.  I have my heart set on PRing for the 10K to make three 10K PRs in 7 weeks.  Truthfully this is the most realistic as I will be rested and ready to run…whereas the half…tired legs…13 miles…who knows.  That all being said, even if I don’t PR at all, I want to finish these races feeling like I tried my absolute best to make those PRs happen.

2. Attempt a negative split for the half.  I’ve never had a negative split before and I want to give it a try.  I’m going to start off a bit slower (which will also give me a few extra moments in the parks) at the beginning, with the hope of kicking it into high gear for the last few miles like I have been practicing in my training runs.

3. Finish happy, strong, smiling and upright at both races and with enough energy to take a post half marathon ride on Splash Mountain (after a nap and shower..but maybe not..lol). 🙂

Do you have any race goals for the Disneyland 10K or the Disneyland Half?

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa


8 thoughts on “DDD Race Goals

  1. Good luck! I’m thinking about doing this race next year since I’m running the Disney Princess half in 2014 and want to try for the coast to coast medal. I’m excited to hear your race recap!

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