Lighten Up: Pre-DDD Weight Loss Results

Squee.  My countdown to leave for California is literally in the “hours” now.  SQUEE!  I still can’t believe that race day is nearly here.  Soon I will be treading those wonderful paths of Disneyland and California Adventure, running the warning track at the LA Angels stadium and enjoying every magical mile in these races that I trained so hard for.

Before I go, however, I have to do a final update of my progress on my pre-DD Weight loss attempt.  My original goal was to try and lose 5 lbs in the month prior to the race.  Below is my progress over the month–you can see some rather noticeable changes in my torso–I have far less belly –especially from the side profile and even the beginnings of a tiny bit of definition in my abs.  I also noticed that I’m also a bit smoother and more hourglass shaped, including a more defined waist from the front, in the after picture.









160 lbs

158.6 lbs

 155 lbs

























Net Loss

1.4 lbs/3.25”

  3.6 lbs/3.75″

As you can see, the first few weeks were slow thanks to lots of social events that revolved around food and drink.  Weddings, three parties…ugh.  So difficult to not eat and drink at these things–especially when the peer pressure kicks in.  I had forgotten how difficult it is to manage that whole peer pressure thing–which especially got bad toward my birthday…which was particularly unfortunate because I woke up to this on my actual b-day–talk about a great birthday present:

Goal Weight Achieved

Best Birthday Gift EVER!

Pretty much everyone I knew was trying to get me to indulge and I did cave a bit over my birthday weekend, but I also tried to balance it out with smaller portions and exercise.  Also, being completely hungover and not being able to eat anything on Saturday helped me maintain my goal weight….and no, this is not an endorsement of not eating in order to lose weight–it’s an endorsement to not get peer pressured into having “just one more beer.”  That one more beer never ends well.

Happy (belated) birthday to me!

Happy (belated) birthday to me!

In the end, I’m rather happy with my results and I’m looking forward to running the Dumbo Double Dare with a bit of a lighter step. I also hope that shedding these extra few pounds will help me achieve my goal of one PR during the two races this weekend.

If you want to see my mini progress updates from the past few weeks–check ’em out below.  Otherwise, I’m going to get to work because I have a lot of work shenanigans to take care of and only 2 working days to get it all done.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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