Epic Comeback Playlist

So, I’ve been battling a knee/ITB injury for just over 7 weeks now, and I think I’ve finally gotten ahead of it.  I’ve been able to master up to 5 miles without pain.  But…I feel like I’m moving at the speed of a turtle.  My patience is waning, and I desperately want to get back to “my” race pace, and an attainable PR pace…sometime in the next month.  I still haven’t lost sight of PR’ing at Melissa’s Road Race (Banff, September 28), but it’s a tough race, and I’m a loooooong ways off at the moment.  So, I decided to put together some motivation in the form of an “Epic Comeback Playlist” for use during some of my September speed-up sessions.

What’s your fav motivational/butt-kicking/go all out song? – Leave ’em in the comments! I’d love to add to my list!

Princess Lindsey

  1. Applause – Lady Gaga.
    • This new song totally appeals to my dance & cheerleading background.  One of the biggest things I miss is feeding off a crowd and living to entertain.  …Maybe that’s why my best race moments are at the finish line….
  2. Better Now – Collective Soul.
    • “Let the word out, I’ve got to get out, whoah, I’m feeling better now.”  Yep, I AM feeling better now.  And everyone needs to know it.
  3. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    • “Little bit of humble, little bit of cautious.  Somewhere between like Rocky and Cosby.”  I want to push, but if I get too cocky and quit with my rehab exercises and maintenance strategies like lots of icing and foam rolling, I’m going to end up back where I started.  Humble + Cautious = Win.  Thanks, guys.
  4. Cinderella Man – Eminem
    • Um…explicit lyrics warning: there is a lot of swearing in this song.  …Would you expect any less from Eminem?  But I love the pace of this song; it’s perfect for my running cadence.  Also, the person in this song is unstoppable: “No remorse I’m showin’, ain’t slowin’ for no one.  Knowin’ there is nothin’ you can do about it.  Zeroin’ on the target like a marksman.”
  5. Gold Rush – Clinton Sparks ft. 2 Chainz, Macklemore & D.A.
    • There isn’t a motivational message in this song…unless I’m aspiring to become a gold digger.  But it just makes me want to dance.
  6. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) – Fall Out Boy
    • “I’m on fire” is right in the chorus.  ‘Nuff said?
  7. Headlines– Drake
    • “I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that.  And they wanna see me pick back up, well where’d I leave it at.”  …My theory is that I left it somewhere between here and Florida, after Princess Half Marathon.  My speed has been poor ever since, but I’m ready to make the effort to get it back.
  8. Ready to Go – Republica
    • “From the rooftop shout it out: Baby, I’m ready to go.”  Yep, I want that to be the only thought in my head as I cross the start line at Melissa’s RR.
  9. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
    • This is a staple comeback song, which has even been popular at runDisney events in the past year or two.  Self-explanatory, right?
  10. Roar – Katy Perry
    • This list is book-ended with the songs that started and finished the MTV VMAs this past weekend.  Although most of the junk in the middle was poor (minus the brief *NSYNC reunion & JT mini-concert), I got two brand new anthems out of it, so it was worth the space on my PVR.  “I got the eye of the tiger, dancing through the fire, ‘cuz I am a champion, and you’re gonna’ hear me roar.”

One thought on “Epic Comeback Playlist

  1. I’m sorry, you must’ve just forgotten to type “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey… I can’t imagine how though because that song is amazing. And I feel your pain, but slow miles are better than painful miles!

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