Disneyland 10K Playlist

Heigh Hooooooooooo!

I think it’s pretty clear from my last few posts that I’m going a bit Disney-crazy as I wait out the last few days before I participate in the first Dumbo Double Dare and complete my first Coast to Coast challenge, too. πŸ™‚

I came up with the brilliant idea of creating a playlist for the 10K in order to help motivate me and keep me moving–but with a twist–I have a Disney song mixed in at each mile marker in order to help me with my pacing and serve as a bit of a kick start to each mile. πŸ™‚Β  I know–awesome, right?

My playlist below is timed for +/-8 minute miles (as that would be a PR race pace for me).Β  You can make your own version of this by adding in extra or different songs based on your pace and musical tastes.Β  I guarantee you, mine are a bit weird–but I embrace it and love it because I know it works for me.

Disneyland 10K Playlist

  • When I See an Elephant Fly — Dumbo (Mile 1)
  • San Francisco — The Mowgli’s (not in any relation to the Jungle Book)
  • Gold on the Ceiling — The Black Keys
  • Be Our Guest — Beauty and the Beast (Mile 2)
  • Born to Run — Bruce Springsteen (cheesey, I know, but still great)
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo — Cinderella (Mile 3)
  • Get Lucky — Daft Punk
  • Under the Sea — The Little Mermaid (Mile 4)
  • Dog Days are Over — Florence and the Machine
  • Dig a Little Deeper — The Princess and the Frog (Mile 5)
  • Stronger — Kanye West
  • You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! — Peter Pan (Mile 6)
  • Paradise City — Guns N Roses
  • TOTAL Playlist time: 51 minutes

I really like finishing on Paradise City because it is such an anthem and it really kicks in for the last half of the song, which is about 6 minutes long–which I hope will help me kick it up a few notches when I’m feeling a wee bit spent and it also serves as a marker for the last kilometer so I can attempt to motor and hopefully get my PR.

I have ran with this playlist a few times already and I really like it–though I might switch out Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo as there are a lot of dead spots with no singing and it is at a point in my 10K when I usually need an extra bit of push.Β  I might replace it with the Unbirthday Song from Alice in Wonderland (especially since the race is one week after my birthday–seems fitting), The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, or Yo, Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me) just because they have steady vocals and are a smidge more punchy and they are around the same length.

I plan on making a Disneyland Half List, too–I just haven’t gotten around to putting it together. I know my Disney songs (for the most part), I just need the pop tunes to fit in between.Β  When I get it together, however, I will post it on here, too.

Run Safe!Β  Race weekend is only 10 days away!

~Princess Lisa




17 thoughts on “Disneyland 10K Playlist

  1. I always like since you’ve been gone by Kelly clarkson. It’s fun and fast and makes you happy. Like you wanna scream it out.

    As for Disney songs I’ve always like be out guest. I’m blanking on any faster ones right now.

    Maybe mary poppins lets go fly a kite?!?

  2. Possible substitutions for the Cinderella song: King of New York (Newsies), One Jump Ahead (Aladdin), Pink Elephants on Parade (Dumbo), Magical Housecleaning (Sleeping Beauty, it sounds crazy but I love running to it and it keeps building up in tempo), I’ll make a man out of you (Mulan, because you need to be swift as a coursing river!), and, of course, the Mickey Mouse March,

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