Friday Five

In two weeks I will be waking up in Disneyland.

Pre-2010 Disneyland Half

Pre-2010 Disneyland Half


There are so many things that I’m looking forward to with this trip, besides the obvious (The Dumbo Double Dare Challenge–just in case it isn’t obvious).  Below are a list of five other things I’m pumped to check out:

Splash Mountain -Disneyland 2010

Splash Mountain -Disneyland 2010

1. Splash Mountain–this was closed for refurbishment when I was in Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon and it truly broke my heart as it is my favourite.

Yep. I made this chocolate croissant!

Yep. I made this chocolate croissant!

2. Famous Bakeries–namely Bouchon and Sprinkles.  As a baker, these two infamous bakeries in Beverly Hills are MUST sees after running DDD.  Especially Bouchon as I have made some of their treats and they are HEAVENLY!  I might even go after the Disneyland 10K and purchase my treats that morning so that I can snack on them post half…even if they are technically “day old” at that point.

Running DHM 2010--in the LA Angels Ballpark

Running DHM 2010–in the LA Angels Ballpark

3. Baseball.  My Dad and I are going to check out some baseball in LA and in San Diego.  Love getting the chance to see MLB–especially in parks neither of us have been to before.

Shopping time!

Shopping time! P.S. For the record, I didn’t buy all of these beautiful clearance priced luxury shoes. lol.

4. Shopping.  I love shopping in the U.S.  They have the stores/brands/things I like…which makes me happy (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, Nordstroms, Kate Spade)….and they tend to be cheaper than Canada.

5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Love this place.  Can’t wait to get their yummy coffee into my tummy! (and yes, I have a picture for this too–it just won’t upload…I will get it in here though…I promise!).

What are your favourite Disneyland/Southern California things to see and do?

~Happy Friday!

~Princess Lisa


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