Throwback Thursday

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s #TBT post is going back about two years to my first work trip to Ottawa–the capital of Canada, for my work.

It was a scorching summer night in Ottawa and my locally based friends all had plans for the night–so I decided to go out for a run and check out my nation’s capital on my own on the most sticky, sweaty summer night imaginable.

Running at Parliament

Running at Parliament Hill

The sights were breathtaking and I felt patriotic with an intensity I have never felt before.  I ran up Parliament Hill (which is what is featured in this photo), by the Terry Fox statue (a true hero that was born in my home town of Winnipeg–read all about him here),  a number of national museums and art galleries, past the American Embassy, down the Rideau Canal, into the Byward Markets…I even ran ever so briefly into la belle province–aka Quebec.

Unfortunately, my next few trips in Ottawa are scheduled during winter months–so I don’t anticipate I will get to have the privilege of running those hallowed streets as I don’t have enough luggage space to bring all of my work suits AND winter running gear.

If you ever have the opportunity to check Ottawa out–please do–and make the effort to sneak in a run–you won’t be sorry.

Au Revoir!

~Princess Lisa


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