Lighten Up: DDD Weight Loss Update

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

So.  This whole weight loss attempt…it started so, so, so good…and then ended up not so good–and it was only the first week.

I was down two lbs in the first seven days–I wasn’t hungry, nor was I having massive food cravings.  I was eating healthfully…and then came the long weekend…which destroyed all of it.  A combination of party eating (one wedding, one party), emotional eating (feeling sad/lonely), peer pressure (eat…drink…it’s the long weekend…etc) …it all got to me… and I ate/drank way more than I should have.

In fact, the only time I ate smartly was when it came down to me serving up the S’mores cake I made (pictured below).  I had the tiniest sliver out of guilt for everything else I had inhaled over the weekend.

S'mores Cake....*drool*


And…oh how the scale went up.  At one point it showed me as being up 4 lbs…and now, fortunately, it’s just under 2lbs up–putting me right back at my starting weight of 160. Thank goodness for running–I’m sure I would be up even higher if I had not squeezed in a few runs here and there.

I realize that that me losing two lbs in the first week was most likely a combination of water weight and some legitimate weight loss…but holy crap…..what horrible numbers show up when it goes off the rails….and how easy it was to go off the rails.  Here I was…thinking “I got this…” well, clearly I didn’t.

After having a pity party for myself yesterday, I’m letting it go. I still have three weeks until I leave (3.5 weeks until race day)…and a lot can be done in three weeks–especially since I have a number of long runs ahead of me still and my meal planning has been pretty strong during the last week.

I plan on taking each opportunity to eat as an opportunity to succeed at making the right decision or to reset things, should I have a slip up.  And truthfully, even if I don’t lose the 5lbs I hoped to lose before DDD, I know I will still run and be proud of myself for finishing those races and getting those amazing medals around my neck.

Wish Me Luck,

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “Lighten Up: DDD Weight Loss Update

  1. Awwww…don’t be so hard on yourself. You gave yourself a REALLY tight deadline to lose the weight and it’s hard to keep up. If it was more like 10 weeks out or something, I bet the chances would be a bit more on your side. But it’s the summer and friends and food are in abundance and you should enjoy!

    Plus, while the weight would be good to lose…whatever. You’re in great shape and doing well running wise and when the race rolls around you’ll be happy no matter how much you weigh.

    It’s all good. 🙂

    • Thanks for the pep talk! I think i just got frustrated because of the epicness of falling completely off the rails. lol. You are totally right that it is def. going to be a happy moment when I finish, no matter what the scale says. Those medals are going to feel amazing on my neck. 🙂

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