Throw Back Thursday: Chillin

Hey Everyone!

Happy Small Friday (yes, this is a thing where I work–Thursdays = Small Friday).  Though, for me, today, it is a proper Friday as I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and have booked the day off of work.

My TBT post today is themed on chillin….or well, actually, it’s themed on being cold.  It has cooled off rather dramatically in Winnipeg this week and winter is coming quicker than I want it too–and to celebrate that, I’m posting this lovely picture from the Resolution Run on January 1, 2010 in Winnipeg.  Thank goodness the race was a 5K as we had been out celebrating the new year until 3am the night before, including a mildly intoxicated phone conversation with other mildly intoxicated friends in Australia.

How cold does it look to you?

How cold does it look to you?

I truly love this photo because all you can see are our eyes and it shows the differences in our heritage–hers being Metis (French/ First Nations) and mine being a Ukranian/Scandinavian mix.

Want to know how cold it was?  I guarantee there won’t be many runners who have completed a race in these types of temperatures…the Fahrenheit equivalent is -49 for the wind chill.  Without the windchill is was -27F.  Told you it was cold.  My runners froze into bricks and my eyelashes froze together.  I had my face slathered in Vaseline in order to protect it from cracking in the cold.



I really do look on this day fondly, despite the frozen temps.  I cherish any time I get to spend with my friend and running inspiration, Tara.  After this race, we came back to my place, ate delicious Huevos Rancheros from my Hell’s Kitchen (in Minneapolis) cookbook (seriously–the are a LOT of work but so worth it because they are delicious), watched the Hangover and planned our upcoming girls trip to run the Disneyland Half to celebrate my 30th birthday and then road trip to Las Vegas to meet up with more friends.

I miss my friend so much and I hope that we are able to plan a fun race or run sometime soon.

Happy Small Friday (again),

~Princess Lisa


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