Race Recap: MEC Race Series 2-10K at Bird’s Hill Park


Friends, Bling and a beautiful Sunday run-life is sweet!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Earlier this morning I participated in the 2nd (of Four) Mountain Equipment Co-op Race Series.  I ran the 10K.  There was also a half marathon and a 5K and they were held in Bird’s Hill Park just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The race packet was very simple–simply a map, an agenda for the event, your race bib and four safety pins.  The race only cost $15–so it was a rather incredible value.  The races started at 7 am (half marathon), 7:15 (10K) and 7:30 (5K).  The race was only clock timed (no chips) and runners had to do 4 laps, 2 laps and 1 lap respectively.

The trail was quite lovely, mostly shaded by trees in the midst of a provincial park.  There were some gentle rolling hills, that were surprisingly manageable (I guess my bi weekly hill workouts are paying off).

The post race snacks were pretty incredible. They had samples of individually wrapped Nuun tablets (so yummy), bagels, mini muffins, bananas, tea, coffee and even Camino dark hot chocolate.  Oh and water.  After all, there are some races that have no water.

Once people were finished their respective races, they had mini awards ceremonies for the top three in every age group and overall.  Was a very, very nice touch. 🙂  There are two more races I the series and I would be incredibly tempted to do them again as they are well organized, have great snacks and the setting is lovely.

Oh and my performance, well, I finished the race with a new PR of 51:06–an improvement of almost two minutes, and placed first in my age group (hence the pic of me with a medal in my teeth).  I placed 5th overall for women in the race and I placed 14th for all finishers.  My splits were:

Mile 1: 8:05

Mile 2: 8:21

Mile 3: 8:22

Mile 4: 7:55

Mile 5: 8:14

Mile 6: 8:23

Mile .2: 7:55

Average Pace Overall: 8:13

Needless to say, I feel like a million dollars right now…especially since I think I have finally stretched and wound down enough to take a post race nap!

Happy Sunday ya’ll!

~Princess Lisa


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