Lighten Up: Pre DDD Weight Loss

So it’s five, count ’em FIVE(!!!!) glorious weeks until I hit the pavement for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.

As everyone knows, the lighter you are, the easier it is on your body and potentially faster you can run (to a point, obviously). According to Runner’s World Magazine:

There are various formulas that predict the effect of weight loss on running speed. The effect of weight loss and run pace multiplies over distance; meaning that the longer the run, the more significant the amount of time saved. Some estimates project that losing ten pounds can result in a savings of 20 seconds per mile, so for a 5k, this means one whole minute of time, and when translated to the marathon distance, this is almost nine minutes of time saved! A PR just waiting to happen!

So my goal is to try and shake about five pounds (ie one lb a week), before the race. This will take me to a weight of about 155 lbs…a few lbs short of the lightest I have ever been in my adult life (152). As I had mentioned earlier this week, I am in a bit of a food rut and I haven’t had the best relationship with food in the past, so I have to stay mindful with weight loss attempts. In this attempt I will eat meals that are higher in protein, with veggies, fruit, good fats and smart carbs. My goal is to try and prepare as many meals as possible at home, try to avoid junk food unless it is extra special and if it is extra special, exercise portion control. I think that this is a nice balance between health and fun and will still allow for the easily achievable one pound a week weight loss.

To keep a bit of track of where I am from start to finish with my goal, I am popping up a few before photos and my measurements for progress reporting.


side profile


from the front

Chest: 37.5″

Waist: 31.5″

Abdomen: 34.75″

Hips: 37.75″

Thighs: 23.25″

Calves: 14.75″

Weight: 160.0 lbs

Height 5’6″

Wish me luck!

~Princess Lisa


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