6 Weeks til DDD and feeling crampy

Morning Everyone!

Six weeks from today I will be waking up as the proud owner of all of these gorgeous medals:

Run Disney Bling

Run Disney Bling

I’m glad I still have six weeks left until race weekend as the 11 mile run I had scheduled for yesterday didn’t quite happen thanks to a seized up calf muscle in my right leg.  Ugh. I made it four miles before I had to stop.  Colour me unimpressed–especially since I have a 10K scheduled for Sunday, which means I won’t have a chance at another long run until August–which will mean 3 weeks without a long run!

I spent the better part of my night last night foam rolling, self-massaging, stretching, heating and icing.  It’s tender to the touch and still feels tight, but at least I can walk now without a limp.

By pure coincidence I have an annual spa night with some girlfriends that happens to include a massage (110 glorious minutes) tomorrow night.  It’s a new type of massage that is offered at the spa, called an Ultimate Fusion Massage:

This truly customized muscle melting marathon combines a bevy of massage moves performed by our lead therapists. The intensive full body work may incorporate deep tissue, myofascial release, acupressure assisted stretching and deep rhythmic compressions.

It is my hope that my calves will get an extra bit of TLC in this heavenly sounding massage. 🙂  Hopefully things will loosen up and I will stay healthy from here on out.  If anyone has any advice on loosening up seized up calf muscles, I am all (Mickey) ears!

Stay healthy friends!

~Princess Lisa


8 thoughts on “6 Weeks til DDD and feeling crampy

  1. I expect to see a pic of you with ALL the medals around your neck and in that minnie skirt! CUTE!

    Sorry to hear about your body woes but that massage sounds divine. Just stay off it and listen to your body. Feeling bad and forcing yourself to do more results in worse injury. 6 weeks is still good and long enough to recover and have a good race. And while you should aim for a PR, don’t freak out if it doesn’t work out. That said…I hope it does!


    • I have no idea where the time went. It seems like yesterday that I signed up, nevermind officially started training! lol. I think the only thing that gives me a bit of comfort when training plans go a bit awry is that the mind is what doubts my training and ability to finish, but my body is completely ready and more than capable of making it through the distance and then some. I know that yours will be, too! 🙂

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