Race Recap: Colour Me Rad


Pre-race whites

Happy Weekend Everyone!

It’s finally colour run weekend in Winnipeg. I feel like this city is always a few years behind everything that is fun like food trucks (they have become a big deal here over the last year), zombie walks, warrior dash style races and cupcake focused bakeries….but I digress.

Colour Me Rad is happening on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I am signed up for the first wave on Saturday as I signed up right when they opened. The Saturday sold out quick so they added a second day. Another race company has also added a differently branded colour run in the coming weeks, but I won’t be participating in that one.

The race kit was simple–a bib, safety pins, a cotton t-shirt in a nice blue colour with the Colour Me Rad logo, a “RAD” temporary tattoo and a pair of sunglasses–I picked blue as it is my favourite colour, but there were many other neon hued shades to pick from. You could also buy extras like Colour Me Rad shwag and colour bombs. I think it would’ve been awesome if they included one before the race instead of giving you one at the finish.

Before going into this race, I was a bit apprehensive of the powder getting into my eyes and lungs. I ran without my contacts (thank goodness my eyesight is good enough that I can still see rather well without glasses/contacts) and only carried my car keys and asthma inhaler. I also made sure to pack some clothes to change into post race and a few towels and a garbage bag to line my car seat to ensure no powder gets onto my seats.  Fortunately, I had no dramas with the powder at all in terms of body or my car.

The traffic getting to the race was insane. I waited an extra 45 minutes to get unto the venue. When I left shortly after 9:30 (my wave was the first at 9), the traffic was backed up almost 3km or about 1.8 miles.

The race itself was anarchy but fun. There were multiple waves and you weren’t tied to a specific wave. The race wasn’t times in any way and there weren’t any chips. There were a ton of photographers and about 5-6 colour stations–some with just powder colour, some with what looked like powder infused water being sprayed at you.  You ran on a combination of pavement, gravel road/paths and lumpy, bumpy fields, which seemed to be a sprained ankle waiting to happen. I just made sure I went really slow on this uneven terrain.

This is what I looked like after the race


I wish there was more pink/purple and perhaps some blue.


I can barely see out of these glasses–they are covered in dried up powder junk




The clean up

The cleanup was relatively easy.  I only have some colour stuff I couldn’t scrub off on my elbows and a bit in the nail beds on my hands.  As you can see, my clothes came out relatively clean.  My nike dry-fit shirt was nearly perfect, with slight pink spots.  My lululemon running skirt, faired far worse, with lots of yellow stains throughout the skirt.

Overall, definitely a fun time and a worthwhile experience. If they fixed the traffic drama, I would definitely do it again.

Happy Weekend everyone!

~Princess Lisa


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