Getting Crafty

Happy Friday Y’all…er what is left of it…

Despite waking up with a migraine induced from an ingredient in one of the cocktails I imbibed with one of my oldest friends (we’ve known each other since we were 10 years old), I’m feeling pretty amazing, (truthfully, I will feel better once my wacky migraine med side effects wear off).

Tonight I celebrated another one of my oldest friend’s last night as a single lady. I’ve known this friend since we were 12, but we did not become really tight until high school.

One of the best things about tonight was that I got to make her favourite cake for the event–it’s from Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. It’s the birthday cake and I have made it on four different occasions (twice within 24 hours on my birthday last year), and it is dreamy.

Yummy layered goodness!

Yummy layered goodness!

The cake turned out lovely, and truth be told, this cake takes a bit of time and craftiness to put together, though this wasn’t the stretch for me. The stretch was making a candy necklace cake banner to top it, which was inspired by the blog Best Friends For Frosting

It took me awhile, because I didn’t have a needle big enough to thread the baker’s twine through, so I had to do it by hand and the twine kept unraveling.

Eventually I got it to work. Then I tackled the flags–I used a third bamboo skewer to poke holes to again thread the unraveling twine through. Make sure you poke two holes in the flags to keep them facing forward.

yay!  crafts!

yay! crafts!

I then printed out my friend’s name in a number of sizes on a piece of paper so I could cut them out and tape them to the flags…and voila–a candy necklace banner cake topper!

And here is what they look like together!


Bon appetit!

~Princess Lisa


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