Throwback Thursday: Family Edition

Me, my cousin and my bestie

Wishful thinking with my cousin and my bestie

Hello Bloggy friends!

Above is a picture of me, my cousin K and my bestie T.  The three of us traveled together to Fargo to run the half marathon in 2009.

A week prior, I nearly severed a tendon in my ankle and had a few small fractures in my ankle as I rolled it in a pothole in downtown Minneapolis. Though, I didn’t know I was injured that severely at the time.  I was told by a medical professional that it was a mild sprain and I would be fine to run.  I didn’t find out the extent of my injury until months later when the pain, swelling and bruising were not going away.

So yeah, I ran on it and got a respectable time of 2:08 and change. It was bad timing as I had trained really hard for the race and was aiming for a sub 1:55 time that race.

This trip had lots of fun moments, a few annoying ones, but the most memorable for me was hopping on one leg to catch our shuttle bus back to the hotel with a massive ice pack tied to my injured ankle.  I’m still amazed that I didn’t wipe out completely….my cousin still bugs me about this moment to this day.

As you can tell by all of the Fargo photos I have, I really do love this race and I love that it has turned into a family tradition–my cousin and I have gone together for many years in a row and we already have our hotels booked for next year. 🙂

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


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