Sugar Detox Challenge: Week 2 Update

A Typical Day Day Zero: July 1 Day 7: July 8 Day 14: July 15
Weight 145 lbs 153.6 lbs 150.2 lbs 149.2 lbs
Body Fat % 28 % 31.1 % 29.1 % 28.8 %
Waist 30 “ 32 “ 30.5 “ 30 “
Belly (just below belly button) 34 “ 36.5 “ 35 “ 34.5 “

Week 2 of my Sugar Detox Challenge has been much more difficult than Week 1. Unfortunately, after I ran Stampede Road Race one week ago, I suffered a pretty significant injury that has planted me firmly on the couch for the past 8 days.

I have sprained my LCL as well as dislocated my patella, and this is causing some major pain both physically and mentally. In terms of the challenge, I have had a bit of a pity party and am prone to eating when depressed. Thankfully, I haven’t gone too overboard and did still make some positive progress during Week 2.

Given that I won’t be running or back in the gym for at least another week, clean eating is going to be paramount to making sure I don’t fall further behind physically during my recovery. So, I’m going to continue the challenge for another 2 weeks, until the end of July.

Scary as this is, here are some progress pics for you too.

Princess Lindsey




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