Fantasy Friday

Happy Friday Y’all!

On a day when everyone is fantasizing about their weekends, I thought it might be worthwhile to add an extra bit of fantasy to your day. Princess Lindsey and I will be doing a series of Fantasy Friday posts that will basically embody our Fitness/Running fantasies.

I was inspired to do this by the fact that, when I ran the 2013 Princess Half Marathon earlier this year, I found myself running next to this guy…

Yep….Sam from Lord of the Rings aka Sean Astin. We chatted and ran together for a few minutes and I complemented him on his Princess attire. Since then I keep thinking of other people I hope I might spy along the route at future races I run in what I hope will be in (hopefully) exotic locations.

So…for the first installation of Fantasy Friday, I’m kicking it off Canadian style….

I would like to find myself running next to Ryan Reynolds during my next race. He’s a runner, he’s Canadian and he’s smokin’ hot.  And in the case of the NYC Marathon, he was raising money for a foundation started by another awesome Canadian actor, Michael J. Fox, to aid in Parkinson’s research.

Who would be in your running fantasy? Or do you fantasize about running locations? Both? Let the Princesses know in the comments

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


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