Where is My Mind (during my workout)?

Where is My Mind? is one of my favourite Pixies songs of all time.  I just love it and the phrase, where is my mind is the theme behind today’s post.

Your mind really can make or break you when it comes to the gym and 99 times out of 100, it will quit before your body is really ready to.  It is a hard thing to overcome and to push, but when you do push, it is always, always worth it and it feels totally spectacular when it is done.  It’s also ok to take a break every once in a while too, even if your body is physically able to keep going–we all need the mental break from training sometimes.

This is my brain during a good run.  Can't find the source--if you know it, send it to me and i'll link it up.

This is my brain during a good run.  Source

I am constantly reminded of the ways in which your mind can mess with your workouts.  Today was no different but my friend Amanda gave me some lovely insight as I lamented my lunchtime fitness class, which is a bunch of circuit training exercises, to her via email.

Her response hit the nail on the head:

…(R)egarding the classes, you probably dread it because it’s the same, yet a little different, so you still have to think a bit. If you’re like me, I like things either totally the same, or totally different. Not somewhere in the middle. Lol.

As I read these simple sentences a light when on–this was exactly how I felt.  For instance, when I do my usual running workouts, I get into my happy zen running place and just go to town.  Or if I am struggling to get there, I play a game with myself like counting all the street lights I pass or thinking of the first 25 things I would do if I won the lottery…..these things help get me into my zone.  Alas, I cannot find that zone in my lunchtime classes because they aren’t routine–there is enough change to make it impossible and it requires constant focus.

I went to class today with a little less dread and continued to remind myself that the classes are getting me stronger, and embracing the discomfort of this style of workout (ie not running) is making me mentally strong and I will feel amazing after I am done.

And…needless to say I was right.  I feel like a rock star right now and all that dread seems so silly now…but, I almost guarantee, I will be feeling it before going to my next class on Thursday–silly, silly brain. lol.

Does anyone else have this same hang up?  Or is it just my friend Amanda and I?

Much love,

~Princess Lisa



2 thoughts on “Where is My Mind (during my workout)?

  1. You’re not the only one. Sometimes it’s a really trying experience to get through a workout and sometimes, it’s ok to take a break from one and come back rejuvenated the next time.

    But I think how you feel stronger and better each time you do it…can be a very motivating factor!

    • I think you are right–the feeling stronger and better is definitely a motivator to go…and sometimes I only go because I meet up with my friend Cindy AND I can get the most delicioius iced latte in Winnipeg after a particularly hard class.

      I spoke to my dad about this situation and he said part of it is because you don’t really know what to expect so you aren’t sure what sort of pain you will be in and how much it is going to take out of you. If I’m going for a run, for instance, I know exactly what to expect, what it will feel like and what it will take out of me. This class, I only have a limited idea of what will be expected. Food for thought.

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