Sugar Detox Challenge: Week 1 Update

A Typical Day Day Zero: July 1 Day 7: July 8 Day 14: July 15
Weight 145 lbs 153.6 lbs 150.2 lbs ?
Body Fat % 28 % 31.1 % 29.1 % ?
Waist 30 “ 32 “ 30.5 ?
Belly (just below belly button) 34 “ 36.5 “ 35 ?

I have finished Week 1 of my Sugar Detox Challenge, and it hasn’t been easy!

As you will see below, I haven’t been able to go completely sugarless, but I did significantly reduce my intake while also increasing my consumption of water, fruit, and veg. I did have some significant results and I’m happy with that, so on to Week 2! 🙂

Princess Lindsey

Day 1: major headache. Detoxing is not fun!! Realized that my protein powder is sweetened with sorbitol. Crap!! Decided that this is an exception to the rule, as I’m not interested in seeking out a substitution at this time.

Day 2: mild headache. Craving candy, but didn’t give in!

Day 3: Feeling less tired in the morning. Went out for dinner and ate a bunch of bread without really thinking. Oops? Also a billboard ad for milk producers was taunting me by showing a big glass of cold milk and a pile of choc chip cookies…

Day 4: Busy day playing chauffeur and kick-off day of Calgary Stampede. Missed having my green smoothie for breakfast. Subbed with a tea latte while I was out…yes, sweetened. Also didn’t manage to drink enough water today.

Day 5: Lots of green tea to meet my water quota. Yum and hooray!!

Day 6: Race day, so I have decided all bets are off, as I needed to rely on my race day regulars to fuel me reliably. Had a carb waffle during the race, electrolyte chews after, and post-race pancake breakfast (it IS Stampede after all. To skip pancakes would be sacrilegious!).


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