8 Weeks til DDD

Good Day Lovelies!


Mmmm…vanilla bean macarons with blueberry buttercream

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a loverly weekend.  Me, mine was ultimately too short, but great nonetheless.  I got to see a friend I hadn’t seen since Christmas, made a successful batch of macarons  (so hit and miss–my only good bakes are ones where I’m not trying…lol well that and the new 10 second knife trick–run your knife through the batter, if it takes 10 seconds to join up again your batter is correctly mixed…longer you need to mix more, shorter, your batter is overmixed and won’t turn out). 

I also got in a 10 mile run at an 8:29/mile pace–the longest I have run since February when I ran the Princess Half Marathon.  The bummer about said run was the fact that I forgot to apply Body Glide and well, needless to say the chaffe monster came for a visit.  Ouch!  Thank goodness for bandaids and Polysporin–without them, I wouldn’t be able to run for a few more days while this crazy chaffing heals.

That all being said, I feel much better about my DDD training.  I am now 8 weeks out and I am not feeling panicked like I was.  I am keeping decent paces for my long runs and sneaking in some good tempo, hill and speed workouts during the week–not to mention my Fit in 45 classes. All the working out has increased my mental toughness and confidence, which was my biggest worry after my disappointing run at the Princess Half Marathon.

I am going to take this week a bit easy when it comes to mileage–I have had a few really big weeks in terms of increases and I have decided to run the Grand Beach Sun Run 10K in Grand Marais, Manitoba with a friend who wanted to do the 5K this coming Sunday.  I am not sure what to aim for in terms of a time as the last 1.5-2 kms of this race is run in the sand…eek.   Though, truthfully, nothing will be as uncomfortable as those hills I ran in Alberta last month.

On that note, I am signing off–8 weeks til I have ALL of those glorious medals around my neck.  So. Can’t. Wait.

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa


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