Running Disney: Make Your Own Sparkle Skirt!

When Princess Lisa told me that she was ready to buy a polka dot running skirt online, I peeked at it and thought it was cute, but it was a bit pricey, and we always get screwed on both time and cost when shipping things to Canada.  So I thought to myself “…surely, I can make something that looks like that….”  Thanks to a quick YouTube tutorial by Moms Run This Town, I was ready to go!

I pretty much followed the video to a ‘T’, except…

– I did not use sparkle fabric.  To maximize comfort, I bought red wicking material.  It sewed well and hangs beautifully.

– I made 2 skirts – a trial one for me, and the real deal for Princess Lisa.  To fit us (probably would fit a size 6-10, I would guess) I needed material about 1.5 metres wide.  For our friends using the imperial system, this is about 1.75 yards.

– I did not hem anything.  The fabric I used does not fray, and a raw edge looks quite fine, so I left it that way.  After all, it’s only a one-time wear anyway, right?  Most “athletic” fabric (lyrca, spandex, poly-blends…anything that looks like it could be made into a dance costume!) won’t fray, so you should be able to skip that step, if you wish.

– My fabric was not sparkly, nor was it patterned, so I added white sequins afterward to make “polka dots” and also added a cutesy bow.  I could have sewn these but, in the interest of saving time, I used a hot glue gun to attach them.  They will probably hold better that way anyhow!  If you are going to add any embellishments using this method, make sure you place something in between the front and back layers of your skirt, or else you risk gluing the two sides together :S   I used grocery flyers, which definitely saved my bacon.

Canada Post delivered my care package to Princess Lisa in record time, and I think you’ll agree, she looks adorable, and totally ready for Dumbo Double Dare!

Princess Lindsey

Homemade Minnie Mouse running skirt!

Homemade Minnie Mouse running skirt!


9 thoughts on “Running Disney: Make Your Own Sparkle Skirt!

    • I mentioned to my mom that I would like to get a newer machine, and she said she bought hers for about $100! We looked into it and there are lots of brand new, fancy dancy (to me, at least!) machines for around $100-150. It’s not a huge investment, but you do have to be confident enough to try some projects. In my case, I’m a bit on the fearless side when it comes to DIY and have been known to get myself into things that I don’t know how to finish, so I’m sort of on the opposite end of the spectrum!

  1. It really isn’t that tough! The hardest part is learning how to set up the machine…and cutting the fabric straight! I can barely cut wrapping paper straight!! After all that, feeding it through the machine, the actual sewing part, is easy!

    • Hey!! Glad you like it!! I was just at Michaels this afternoon and they do have wide elastic (although I only saw it in white) and decorations like rhinestones or sequins. However, at my Michaels store they do not really carry fabric. They have a few squares but they are more like quilting fabric (cotton and flannel). You would probably prefer to make this skirt out of something a bit more stretchy, a polyester blend. I had to get that stuff at a fabric store, or you can order online if you are willing to wait. Good luck, and let me know how it goes! I would love to see the results!! ~ Princess Lindsey

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