Hump Day Cross Training-Swim Time

Happy Hump Day!

My endorphins are still high after my fast (for me) nine-mile run last night.  I finished in 75 minutes and feel like a true champion.  I am really, truly hoping that this kind of progress continues over the next 8 weeks so I can kick some rear in Disneyland.

As a reward for running 9 miles (and 4 fast miles the day before), I am going for a swim with a dear friend–Amanda.  Amanda is a triathlete and has a goal of completing a half-ironman for her 30th birthday.  We met through work almost 5 years ago and found out that we share a mutual love for fitness and still keep in touch and meet for swims and the odd lunch time run..and sometimes a water run if we are both injured.

My last swim with the darling Miss Amanda was some time ago–and I achieved a new personal distance record of 68 lengths–just over one mile (67 lengths) in the pool.  Normally I just swim for distance and cardio, doing a mixture of front crawl and breast stroke when I need a bit of a rest.  Today I plan on doing an actual swimming workout–it’s modified workout from a blog called the Runivore.

Short Pull Workout (Total: 1200 meters or 48 lengths)

My swim gear

My swim gear including my pull buoy with my name on it and my Princess Half button

Warmup:  100 swim, 50 kick (ie no arms–using a flutter/kick board), 50 pull (arms only using a pull buoy between your legs–see right)

5 x 50 alternating swim and pull (15 seconds rest in between)

4x 50 kick alternating fast, easy, fast (15 seconds rest in between)

4 x 100 alternating swim and pull (20 seconds rest in between)

Cooldown:  50 swim

I seriously cannot wait to get to the pool to try this out!  Hopefully I remember it all–might have to write it down on a note card and stash it in a ziplock to keep on the bulkhead.

Do you have a favourite swim workout?

What do you do to cross train?

Much Luv,

~Princess Lisa


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