Princess Lindsey’s Sugar Detox Challenge!

Sugar-free treats for the work week!

Sugar-free treats for the work week!

As I noted in this morning’s July Goals post, I’m ready for a diet and lifestyle change this month. June wasn’t a particularly healthy month for me, and has left me feeling a bit “blah” overall. And so, the idea for Princess Lindsey’s Sugar Detox Challenge was born!

The Inspiration

Last week, to get my brain into healthy mode and to help me start framing my detox challenge, I watched the documentary Hungry For Change on Netflix. This documentary exposes secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries don’t want consumers to know about: deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. I felt like I needed a kick in the butt reality check, and this did it for me. I have seen and read many things in the past (eg: the book Skinny Bitch, other documentaries like Supersize Me and Food, Inc.) that have quite the shock value and scare me away from “bad” foods for awhile, and that’s what I wanted this to be: a reminder as to why I don’t want to eat those foods. But more than that, I felt that this show really addressed the psychological aspect and the human component, and how to change your thinking. I definitely recommend adding it to your “to watch” list, if you like shows like these!

My New Mantra

While watching the show, I made a few notes to refer back to during my challenge, but my absolute favourite and my new mantra for the month is:

Change your thinking. Instead of thinking “I want that, but I can’t have it,” substitute “I can have that, but I don’t want it.”

When I think back to the times in my life when I feel that I was the most fit or was eating or feeling the best, I was thinking in the latter way. When I remind myself why I don’t want those foods (full of chemicals, “fake” food, training for a goal or purpose) I am a lot more successful at avoiding them as opposed to when I think “I can’t have that because I need to lose weight.” I need to remember this with every bite during the challenge.

The Rules

If you want to take part in Princess Lindsey’s Detox Challenge with me, here are the “rules” I will be following. These are fairly quick and easy tests for food to “pass” or “fail” and be deemed edible, for me. However, you do NOT have to be married to these rules in order to participate in the challenge! If you feel that you would like to modify things and include or exclude different specific items, please do, and keep me updated on your progress! My rules will be:

* No sugar. This means no white sugar, brown sugar, or artificial sugar (eg: aspartame, sorbitol, etc.). I am going to allow myself a limited amount of very clean, unprocessed sugars such as honey. Natural sugar (such as from fruit or fruit juices) is exempt from this rule.

* I will not count calories, carbs, fat, or protein. I can get a bit obsessive about this, so I think it’s just easier to focus on eating clean and getting rid of that evil white stuff.

* I will not be going gluten-free. I will most certainly focus on avoiding processed products like bread, cereal, etc. that does not have added sugar, however I do not plan on purposefully eliminating gluten from my diet.

* I will otherwise eat sensibly. I will not weigh or measure my food, as I can get obsessive about this as well. I will respect “proper” portion sizes, and will not binge.

Check-in: Day Zero

To give you a baseline, I have made some observations before starting the challenge that I will compare for you on subsequent check-ins at Day 7 and Day 14. Not gonna lie, kind of embarrassed to post these. I don’t think I have ever really made my weight public before, let alone some details that I’m not very proud of right now. But, I want to be able to show you the real results and proof of my progress. I forgot to take a starting pic this morning, but I will do it tonight and share those at the end as well.

A Typical Day Day Zero: July 1 Day 7: July 8 Day 14: July 15
Weight 145 lbs 153.6 lbs ? ?
Body Fat % 28 % 31.1 % ? ?
Waist 30 “ 32 “ ? ?
Belly (just below belly button) 34 “ 36.5 “ ? ?

…So, that’s it! I’m going to give you full updates each week, as well as maybe some random bits of trivia or griping in between. If all goes well and I’m happy and thriving at Day 14, I’m going to continue this until the end of the month. But to start, I’m going to take this in a bite-sized chunk and just commit to two weeks.

What do you think? Who’s with me? Any tips for success?!

Princess Lindsey


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