Flights are booked

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I finally have my flights booked for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. A bit thanks to Delta for bumping me en route home from The Princess Half and giving me some flight vouchers.  Those vouchers combined with a seat sale mean that my I’m  flying to Los Angeles for about $88 USD.  Fingers crossed I get bumped on the way home again and get a few more vouchers. 🙂

I will get into LA late on Wednesday night.  I wasn’t very big on going in on the Wednesday, but now I sorta like it because it gives me Thursday to adjust and get my bearings, buy some groceries for the room, etc. before I’m on race lockdown on Friday and Saturday.  I think it is going to be hard to keep things low key on those pre-race days.  Thank goodness there is some baseball happening in the city or I might lose my mind just sitting around to save my legs.

I’m intrigued to see what the race expo will be like.  I went for the opening of the Princess Half expo and it was a gong show–I’m hoping that Disneyland will not be the same. With the Princess my strategy was to hit up the race kit first and then do the expo…but that was a mistake because when I finally found the merch section for the race, most things were gone and it was absolute chaos, with people just grabbing handfuls of things and pushing, etc.

I think my strategy is to go check out the merch first–I want something that references the Dumbo Double Dare and the Coast to Coast–preferably in a tech shirt…and I have also just received a request from my grandmother for a Disneyland half shirt–I gave her my 2010 Disneyland race shirt as it was way too big (it was a men’s medium–they didn’t have women’s) and she loves it and wants another (actually she wanted my princess one, but I said no. lol).  After my purchases are done, I will go pick up the rest of my kit and tour the rest of the expo.

What do you tend to do in the days prior to a race?

Do you lay low to “save” your legs?

Do you have a Disney race expo strategy?

Can you recommend any fun things to do in LA?

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa

P.S. Aside from booking my flights, I had a few other highlights for the long weekend–take a peek!

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