Throwback Thursday

Post Fargo Half Marathon 2007 aka My first half marathon

Post Fargo Half Marathon 2007 aka my first half marathon

Such a poor quality photo–I don’t understand why people can’t figure out how to take nice photos, but I digress…

This is me after my first ever half marathon in Fargo, ND in 2007.  I ran it after my friend Tara (who is pictured and is an avid runner) challenged me to run and knock it off of my bucket list after I finished graduate school.  She gave me a year to train and in that year I lost about 60 lbs (I’ll save my weight loss story for another day).

I set three goals for the race as per Tara’s instructions (an achievable goal, a push goal and a good day goal):

  1. To finish and be upright and smiling (achievable)
  2. To finish without stopping (push)
  3. To finish under 2 hours (good day)

I am proud to say that I hit all three with this race–running 1:58:25, even with the snow (yes, I wore shorts and a singlet–snow wasn’t forecasted and I had nothing else to wear).  This race got me hooked and I will forever be grateful to my friend Tara for challenging me to run and being a wonderful, long distance, running partner in crime.

Since this first race, we have run in a 5K, a 10K trail race and two additional half marathons (one in Cornwall, Ontario and the other in Disneyland), together since–and we haven’t lived in the same city since before I started training for my first half.  I promise that you will see several more photos of me and Tara from our running exploits in the coming weeks.

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa


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