When Your @ss Says No-Motivational Tips to Get Moving

When it comes to getting your fitness on, some days are harder than others.

Yesterday was one of those days thanks to a flare up of my on-again-off-again plantar fasciitis and an strong craving for a nap.

For better or worse, my extra push to move was an iced latte from my favourite coffee shoppe in Winnipeg, Parlour, which is not conveniently located for a quick coffee break jaunt from my office. It is, however, conveniently located for a quick coffee jaunt from my Fit in 45 class–just one floor below the class, in the same building.

Point Taken

Good Point Princess Lindsey! 🙂

Like Princess Lindsey, I agree that food motivators, like food rewards, are not the best approach  to achieve your fitness goals.  In this case, I saw it as a grey area at worst as I had already decided to get an iced coffee that day, but knowing I could get a better one  by working out made attending class more enticing.

A tastier iced latte not enough to get you moving?  Here are 10 other motivational tips to get your @ss in gear:

  1. trying on those skinny jeans–do they fit yet?  Are you getting close?  Completing your scheduled workout will get you a little bit closer to that goal
  2. on that note, positive visualization of being done the workout and how great you will feel having done it.  It’s a bit hokey, but it gets you out the door
  3. check out a race calendar (or your own race plans).  Knowing you have a race coming up gives you extra drive to run
  4. listen to a song that pumps you up–right now that song for me is Starships by Nicki Minaj
  5. change it up–if you normally run, try going for a swim.  If you normally hit up a cross fit box, try going to hot yoga or a spinning class
  6. cut the intensity or the time.  Try a HIIT workout that will have you done in 20 minutes or go for a brisk, hour long walk instead of a 3 mile run.
  7. phone a friend–have them meet you at the gym for a team workout
  8. just show up–sometimes just getting to the gym gives me an extra push to do something, anything, that gets your heart pounding
  9. promising yourself you can quit after 15 minutes–most times you will finish your planned workout, in it’s entirety
  10. give yourself a break.  If you are really not feeling it then give yourself a rest day and be ready to come back strong

What are some of your tips to get moving when your @ss says no??  Please share in the comments!

Much luv and Happy Friday!

~Princess Lisa


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