A State of Emergency: A Flood of Epic Proportions

I’m very, very sad today. My poor city. The City of Calgary, as well as many surrounding communities, have essentially been under lockdown since early this morning, due to flooding of the Bow and Elbow rivers. With every new image and video on TV and social media, I’m more and more shocked about the scale of this catastrophe. Most of all, we don’t even know all of the impacts yet: around 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, the downtown core is closed, highways are washed away, and we will not know the full extent of the damage until the flooding subsides.

What does this mean for me? Well, our house is on higher ground, so we are safe. My office is also on a hill, so it is safe and is being used as an evacuation and emergency broadcast centre. But, we are all under suggested “house arrest” with instructions to stay off the roads, charge devices and use power while we still can, and conserve water.

In Calgary, the best and most beautiful places to run all follow the rivers, so many of my favorite running paths are completely submerged, and will likely be closed for weeks, if not months. Many races scheduled for this weekend have been canceled and future races probably will be too. But, I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves, pitch in with cleanup, and band together with my local runners in tribute to our great city, hopefully sooner than later.

Sorry that I can’t provide appropriate photo credits for the below – so many things floating around on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, that I don’t know where everything really originated. I just wanted to give you all a sense of what’s happening.

Princess Lindsey







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