Hill Training for Princesses

Hill Training

Hill Training Location-Garbage Hill

Welcome to one of the best hills in Winnipeg.  Well, it’s probably one of the only hills in Winnipeg as the city is a topographic pancake.

In Winter this lovely, former garbage dump plays the roll of speedy, though slightly dangerous sledding spot.    In Summer, the hill is rampant with runners training on the 300 plus meters of steady incline for their future races.  During my time at the hill, I counted over 40 runners running up and down that hill.

My buddy Oliver, who was kind enough to help me train for my first full marathon three years ago, agreed to meet with me to give me the 411 on hill training (though I promised him pre-birthday beers afterwards to entice him to suffer with me on the eve of his birthday).  I’ve never done a lot of hill training and I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for DDD as I recall there being a number of free ramp style inclines and I’m not in as good of shape now as I was then.

His tips were great and included the following:

  • keep your intensity the same, just adjust your speed
  • lean into the hill when going up
  • arm bend at 90 degrees
  • keep upper body loose
  • don’t let your hands cross your midline
  • pump your elbows back
  • shorten your stride, quicker turnover of your steps
  • keep perpendicular when descending a hill (aka lean forward a bit)
  • don’t fight to stop yourself, let your gravity take you down the hill in a controlled fashion

We did a 10ish or so minute of a warm up, followed by three runs up the hill, plus on run up the “Killer Hill” at the back of this monstrosity.  It’s far steeper and has two hills right in a row and is hard as hell to run up.  We then ran about 10 minutes to cool down.  The total distance we ran was just over 3 miles.

My goal is to keep practicing…and my buddy and I are planning to do this run again a month before my birthday (as I won’t be boozing around my birthday because it’s too close to DDD) but with 8 hill repeats instead of three, followed by a repeat of these yummy treats…

Birthday Guinness Floats FTW!

Birthday Guinness Floats FTW!

These floats were simply a can of Guinness and a snack sized portion of Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  When we do this next time, I might try a chocolate or a caramel version of ice cream.  SO yum and a far yummier version of pre-birthday beers. 🙂

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Luv Princess Lisa


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