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Greetings from the Edmonton International Airport!

20130611-164144.jpgI, Princess Lisa, work in a job that requires me to travel a lot for work. This can mean trouble for any sort of weight loss or race training program as your time and your food isn’t always under your control.

It is possible, however, to travel for work in a healthful manner–all it takes is a bit of planning. Here are my top ten tips to help you be healthy while you travel:

1. Pick a hotel that works for you. Does it have a great gym? Is there a great trail or area to walk and run? Does your room have a microwave and a fridge? Do yourself a favour and do your research to find a hotel that meets your health needs.

2. Look for what else is going on in the city. Have you always wanted to try crossfit? Maybe a barre class? Give it a whirl in a new city. Is there a run club you can drop into? Is there a race happening? This is a great way to check out a new place.  It all takes a little bit of extra work but can yield a lot of fun.

3. Hit the grocery store. Buy healthy snacks and whatever meals (I like hitting the deli for a garden salad and some roast turkey) you need and stuff them into the mini fridge in your hotel. This way you know what and how much is going into your body, vs restaurant meals.

4. Try to get your workouts done early. I am not a morning workout person, but when I travel I find this approach is best, as one never knows when a meeting or event will go late and running at 11pm doesn’t bode well for safety (if running outside) or a good night’s sleep.

5. Stick to your regular sleep schedule and try to get more if you can. I have trouble sleeping in hotels so I try to squeeze in extra sleep when I can. I also find that I make better eating decisions when I am well rested.

6. Bring your own food for the plane. Bring some fruit, veggies and dip, or salad. There are many options aside from the junk one normally finds in the airport.

7. Wear comfy shoes. I cannot express this enough. Bring shoes that are conducive to walking/standing that you need to do for your work day(s). The wrong shoes will ruin any plans for a workout and make any additional work days in those shoes truly hellish. Heck, even bring runners with you as you jet from place to place for meetings

8. Carry around a water bottle with you. I do this with every trip, as I tend to forget to drink water throughout my meeting-filled workday. The water is refreshing and keeps me from snacking.

9. Travel rehab. Being cramped up on planes, being on your feet all day and sleeping on foreign beds can wreak some havoc on your body. Pack a travel foam roller with you to massage out any knots or sore spots. What is better is that the roller is small enough to fit in your carry-on and it is hollow so you can stuff your workout gear inside of it. Oh and helpful hint–use towels as a stretch strap.

10. Google some in-room workouts. There are a number of workouts one can do with no equipment from the comfort of your own hotel room. Or even better, download a workout video to your tablet or laptop that focuses on body weight exercises.  Here’s an equipment-free one for you to check out.

Oh and small bonus tip–give yourself a bit of a break, too, as sometimes these trips are insane with meetings and things running late and flight delays.  If you end up indulging, just embrace it and do better the next time you have to eat.

Travel safe, run hard and eat well!

Princess Lisa


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