Race Recap: Alberta Women’s Half-10K-5K Challenge

Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta!

This morning I, Princess Lisa, ran my first race in Alberta! I was very excited and nervous about this race as the description said it was hilly….and from a Manitoban’s perspective, this course was much more than hilly! Lol.

The race kit, pictures above was simple but lovely. The shirt fits perfectly and is very good quality. The spi belt that is holding my bib is from the recent Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon (love the free gift at the end of the race).

Hills aside, the course itself was lovely. It went down a trail on the river through trees and wildflowers. It smelled amazing and was a nice change from normal road races.

The finisher’s medal is quite lovely, but I am disappointed that everyone got the same half marathon finisher medal. It feels kinda wrong to wear it as I really only did a 10K.


Actually, speaking of 10K, I am not entirely sure that I actually ran a 10K. Just before the race began, the race director told all the 10K runners that their original map wasn’t quite accurate and so they added some distance (a MASSSIVE, windy, seemingly never ending hill), to try and make up for it. They still weren’t sure what distance we actually ran, which was rather annoying as the whole point of me running this race was to work on my 10K speed/time.

I finished in 57 minutes and change according to my Garmin (i used my footpod) but we had race chips, so we will see what my official time is in a few days. Given that is my time and the fact that I took two walk breaks up the steep inclines, something was clearly off in the distances.

One other negative of the race was not having ANY water at the finish. Who DOES this?!? They had coffee, watermelon, bagel halves and orange wedges, but no water. I would’ve sacrificed all that food for a glass of water.

So overall, hmm…what would I give this race…perhaps a 5.5/10? It definitely has potential but unknown distances and inaccurate medals and no water and the finish took some big points off for me.

If you ran the race, let me know your thoughts in the comments? Would you do it again next year?

Happy Running!

Princess Lisa


7 thoughts on “Race Recap: Alberta Women’s Half-10K-5K Challenge

  1. It seems like it was the first time the race directors ever put on a race. Miscalculating the distance and not having water at the finish? If it were me, I wouldn’t do the race again. Those two facts alone would kill it for me…but that’s me.

    • I would agree, Emily. I am so glad I had a full sigg bottle in my rental car for post race refreshment. I can only imagine what a shock the no water thing would be for the half marathon finishers!
      ~Princess Lisa

  2. NO water?! You’ve got to be kidding me! I would’ve been looking around for hidden cameras thinking it SURELY must’ve been a joke! And how do you miscalculate the distance? Like… what? Really? Anyone can go on the computer and figure out the distance in two minutes. That is RIDICULOUS! I hope there wasn’t a crazy registration fee!

    • Nope, no water. It was definitely a bit of a clustereff. The registration fee was about $45….so it was reasonable given the medal and the shirt. I still don’t understand why they didn’t figure things out sooner than the night before. Seems like it would be wise to do it several nights before.
      ~Princess Lisa

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