Lunchtime Fitness

Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday I (Princess Lisa) attended a lunchtime group circuit training style class, called Fit45, with my friend Cindy.  The class is run in Winnipeg’s Exchange District by a local personal trainer in Winnipeg named Lindsay Hamel.

My muscles screaming at me this morning–and it is a most delicious pain that makes  me want to visit Lindsay again.

Yesterday’s class has five stations, two exercises that you do for three one minute intervals each.  I was sweating in moments and learned that I have really neglected my upper body in terms of strength training.  After class, I ran back to work and it was great if only because my legs felt like bricks–a key indicator of a good workout.

If you are in Winnipeg and you need a quick, lunchtime workout and you are near the Exchange District, check out Lindsay Hamel’s classes.

Happy Hump Day!

Princess Lisa

P.S. Oh an extra bonus, Parlour Coffee is just below Lindsay’s workout space, so you can grab yourself an yummy iced latte to go, post workout, if you need an extra pick me up.


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