An Art Installation Fit For The Castle!

My new collection of Camilla d'Errico artwork includes an homage to My Little Pony and Hello Kitty!

My new collection of Camilla d’Errico artwork includes an homage to My Little Pony and Hello Kitty!

Although I feel it’s a bit sacrilegious for my first blog post to be about something other than running, I couldn’t help myself; I’m far too excited about this!

Recently I attended [nerd alert!] The Calgary Entertainment Expo – essentially a comic, movie, and pop-culture lovers’ convention. It was there that I discovered the artwork of BC artist Camilla d’Errico and fell in love with her spunky characters and their sweet, furry pals: think Snow White and her forest friends crossed with Bratz dolls. After the Expo I ordered a whole heap of prints online (by the way, her store admin Tasha was fantastic – way beyond your standard customer service!) and finally tonight I framed them and was ready for installation!

This proved to be a really smooth process, thanks to the magic of 3M. Those new-fangled CommandStrips made my life incredibly easy, and saved me from putting 17 new holes in my wall! – I admit, I only had 5 pictures to hang, but by the time I changed my mind and made mistakes, there would have been substantially more than 5 holes!

And so, voila; here they are! What do you think?!  I love the result and can’t wait to add more of Camilla’s prints to my “gallery”! And, I promise that my next post will actually be about running! 🙂

Until next time,

Princess Lindsey

* Disclaimer: The purpose of Prairie Princess Runners product reviews is to provide information based on real- life use of fitness products in order to inform readers and help them make shopping decisions. The product reviews in this blog are based on our own opinions and experiences.  Unless otherwise stated, all reviewed items have been purchased for our personal use. 


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