Christmas!!! Holy Crap!

I am SO not prepared for this.  Any of this.

Somehow time has gotten very, very away from me and well, I am only a few days until I’m having my family over for dinner. Eeek!  Where has the time gone!?

Oh and I can’t even bare to think about the fact that my Christmas shopping isn’t done!?!?!  I mean, what does one get their mother when you are quasi estranged and only see each other at Christmas?

In any case, I’m trying not to think about it all too much.  In time, it will all get done…and if not, that is what gift cards are for…or last minute lottery tickets.

Fortunately, I have some time off preceding my big dinner and I hope I am able to get a whole lot of stuff done during that time off. I also hope to sneak in some social time too as all work and no play make Lisa a stressed, angry and sad girl.

On a more positive note, however, I think of Christmases past…how everything always finds a way to get done and well, even if something screws up, family is pretty forgiving and at worst, they can just eat my baked goods as I KNOW i’m good at those….hence my TBT for today–a whole lotta baking shots!!

Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 50


Colour Code


  • Holiday stress is seeping in…and training stress…only 69 more days til GSC (less by the time I post this)



  • 5 chill miles at an average 8:33 pace
  •  Green.
  • NO pain, but I was stressed so the last two miles felt long and were a mental fight to get through.



  •  4 miles running
  • 1 mile warm up
  • 2 fast miles (7:47s) and .5 mile slow recovery
  •  Green.
  • No pain
  • Felt FAB to run fast!



  •  Rest Day–too much baking to do,



  •  4.2 miles
  •  yellow
  • had the first tingles of shin splints, cut it short.
  • felt great otherwise, no hernia pain AND I ran fast



  •  10 miles
  •  yellow
  • twinges of hernia pains, but no shin splint pains



  • unplanned rest day
  •  migraine.  Yuck.



  •  4.6  miles
  • .25 hills at 5%
  • .75 rest
  • 3 reps, one mile warm up, .6 mile cool down
  • 8:30 m/m pace
  •  all green
  • no pain
  • but it was HARD!

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •  Surviving my first hard back to back GSC runs.

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Get in as much, consistent training as I can over Christmas holidays


  • Week: 27.8  miles
  • Year:  979.26 miles


All I Want for Christmas is an Ankle Cast…?!

Fortunately, this post is not all about me.

Unfortunately, it’s about my runner Dad!!

While visiting me this past weekend, he took himself out for a winter run, slipped and fell on a decline, and broke his ankle something fierce.  Broken fibula, lots of ligament damage, got a plate and 5 screws during surgery yesterday to repair it all.  The ironic part is that, at the same time he was running, Santa (aka. me & mom) were inside the Running Room, buying him a new winter running jacket that he will not be using this year!

Sounds like he will be pretty much in a cast and on bedrest for about 6 weeks, which will not make him happy, as he is a pretty active older guy.  He is already lamenting missing ski season, not getting to ride his snowmobile, etc.

Any suggestions for some last minute gifts we could get to perk him up and keep him entertained?!  I knew that if anyone would understand the frustration of being stuck in a chair, it would be runners!

~ Princess Lindsey