Friday Five – Things I’m Looking Forward to on my Orlando Vacation

Happy Friday people!

It is 3 weeks less a day until I go away on vacation!  WOO!  Bring on Florida, ToT and then Hawaii!  Seriously.  It cannot come fast enough.  Especially since the weather has decided to be especially cruel and turn colder much earlier than it normally does or should.

The Florida part of this trip will be a bit of a whirlwind, but a good whirlwind.  We have a lot scheduled into our time in Orlando and I know it will all be a blast.  In fact, since I am the excitable type, if I think about it too much, my heart starts to race and I get butterflies in my stomach. :)

Wanna know what things I’m looking forward to the most?  Well, good, because that’s what this post is about–the five things I am most looking forward to during my visit to Orlando:

1.  Running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler (ToT)–there will be a lost of firsts happening with this race–first 10 miler, first time running ToT, first night race, first time I’m running a Disney race for pictures/fun.

2.  Riding Splash Mountain in Florida.  I haven’t been able to ride this ride since I went in 2001 as it was closed for PHM weekend in 2013.  I like this version of the ride much more than Disneyland’s version, so I’m counting down the moments til I’m on this ride…and well, little does my co-blogger know, but I may force her to ride this with me multiple times.

3. New Harry Potter Stuff at Universal Studios–I cannot wait to see the new stuff at Universal and get my picture taken at Platform 9 3/4s while drinking a Butterbeer or five. :)



4. Halloween Parties! I have never been to the parks around Halloween…and Lindsey and I are doing not one, but two Halloween parties–the scary one at Universal (can’t wait to tour the Walking Dead Haunted House) and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  I am rather pumped to see what they are like. :)  And yes, I do realize that this is technically two things. lol.

5. Going to Epcot’s Parisian Breakfast thing as part of the Wine and Dine Festival.  I have never been overly impressed with the Disney food, but I’m hoping my expectations are exceeded with this brunch.  Very, very excited for this, if only because it means I get to have a Mimosa.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

Hmmm…..Something’s Not Working

So I have had two, count’em two, crappy, horrible, tear filled, thumbs down, heavy legged races in a row.

Eff. My. Life.

I know, it’s a first world problem, but man am I frustrated and confused.  Last year I did two a days, and worked my ass off and I kicked butt and took names in all the races I did leading into Dumbo Double Dare last summer.  This summer, despite having some great tempos, long runs and some speed work and a few Fit 45 classes, it just didn’t happen.  I felt lethargic.  Tired. Heavy legged. Combine this with a groin injury, which I had thought was a hip injury, which has been a problem since late June, well…it hasn’t been fun.

Minnesota spanked me because of the dreaded hills and intense heat.  I knew at mile 4 that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up my 8:23 pace to make the sub 1:50 time I wanted.  Regina, I knew weeks before that I wasn’t feeling right.  Like I said, I felt tired, heavy legged–just done..never mind the nagging groin injury.  At mile 4 I sent my pacer/friend Oliver on his way and by mile 4.8  I had fallen apart, calling my dad for a much needed pep talk to keep me from quitting.  I am proud to say I didn’t quit, but it was a close one.  My confidence has been shattered by these last two outings as I worked my ass off.


This is not the picture of a girl feeling good at the beginning of a race–my friend O, on the other hand, looks positively thrilled.  Oh and this is one of the less pained looking pics of me.

When my cooler head prevailed, I spoke to my dad, about how I felt during the run.  He offered me his sage advice:

1. You have to figure out your mental game–be tough and stop putting so much pressure on yourself.  My dad knows I let things get to me, unnerving my abilities and confidence…and he is sure that it was the problem with the Regina race specifically. He said to toughen up and not let little things (tired legs, lack of sleep, etc) get to me, making my mind up for me that the race is going to be a failure before it even begins.

2. As an extension to the first one–I have to break out of my comfort zone a bit more–and not in the way you think.  He suggested I stop almost exclusively training on the treadmill and to join a running club.  He suggested that treadmills are fine in winter or inclement weather, but my longer runs need to be outside to learn to deal with the elements–strong winds, hilly terrain, etc., and more importantly, learn to overcome those elements.  Furthermore, he suggested that the better, funner (yes I like making up and using words that don’t exist) and safer way for me to accomplish this is by joining a running club.

3. Run a bit longer long runs.  I typically only do a max long run of 12 miles.  My dad has suggested that increasing those long runs to 15-17 mile territory, would change my mental game too, making 13.1 feel much easier.

Since I know parents tend to be right about everything, I am going to listen to him.  I am going to try out a few local running clubs over the next few weeks until I head out on vacation and see which ones jibe best with me.

In addition to my dad’s advice, I am going to take heed of some external advice that I found on different websites like Runner’s World, Competitor, etc that suggest that I may have overdone it a bit on the training.  One of the biggest symptoms is that you have more than one or two bad runs in a row, specifically that your bad run period is lasting a week or even weeks…oops.  Some other key symptoms of overtraining are:

·        Decreased energy and impaired recovery (notably decreased energy)

·        Sudden drop in performance (absolutely!)

·        Moodiness, irritability, depression, loss of enthusiasm for the sport (definitely lost a bit of enthusiasm for fitness in general the past few months)

·        Chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches (definitely felt this one since June!)

·        Impaired immunity (increased colds, sore throat, respiratory issues, etc. – not so much)

·        Decreased appetite, GI disturbances (kind of the opposite snacked more due to exhaustion and frustration with poor running).

·        Weight loss, excessive thirst (not really)

·        Elevated resting heart rate (greater than five beats per minute over normal) (yep, noticed this and thought it was strange)

·        Blood pressure changes (yep, was higher than normal)

·        Increase in soft tissue injuries, stress fractures, muscle or joint pain (yep–this whole groin could be attributed to this)

·        Absent or irregular periods (female athletes–but not this female athlete)

So…yeah…I’m going to take a break…and just maintain my running a bit, simply going by feel until I get back from vacation vs training for paces and times.  Fingers crossed that this will get me back to the place I need to be as Glass Slipper Challenge is coming and I am determined to make up for this summer and get my Sub 1:50 goal.

One neat little trick to monitor burnout I had found was to rate your runs as Green (for all systems go, felt great), Yellow (struggled but it was aa doable challenge, Orange (this took a bit of extra hutzpah) to finish–it’s a character builder and I got it done) and Red (this feels like death and only finished my the skin of my teeth).  If most of your runs are feeling like the red.  I am also going to try and build some recovery weeks into my training so I can avoid burnout before it has the chance to begin.

What are your burnout avoidance tips?  Let me know in the comments?

~Princess Lisa





My Happy Pace – A Playlist

So, Princess Lis and I ran the Queen City Half Marathon this past weekend.  It was not a stellar showing for either of us.  But, it was a victory, in that I did not die…which is an honest victory because I have barely run this summer…and I do mean barely.  Like, maybe 10 times max :S

Anywho, I’m not going to mention splits or times because they make me mad for this race, but I WILL give you the lo-down on the playlist that kept me on pace to hit my goal…until I ran out of steam & songs, that is!  Note to self: more training + more songs = a better showing!

1. The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy.  My classic start song, since Melissa’s Road Race of 2013 :)
2. Hey Ya – Outkast
3. Happy – Pharrell Williams
4. Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz
5. Wide Awake – Katy Perry
6. Drops of Jupiter – Train
7. Sugar, We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy
8. Highway Don’t Care – Tim McGraw
9. Where the Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw
10. Cheers – Rihanna
11. Honey, I’m Home – Shania Twain
12. I’ll Never Break Your Heart – Backstreet Boys (it sounds ridiculous, but when you hear AJ start up all like “girl, I know you’ve been hurt before…” it makes me want to bust out laughing, and forget about the pain my legs are in!)
13. She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds Of Summer (one of my fav songs of 2014)
14. Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars
15. Countdown – Beyonce
16. Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs
17. Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys
18. Wiggle – Jason Derulo
19. Runnin Down A Dream – Tom Petty
20. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
21. Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland
22. Beautiful Goodbye – Maroon 5
23. Upgrade U – Beyonce
24. Sleavy – Kesha

…that’s all I’ve got for today, ladies and gents! Happy running!…I will not be “happy running” tonight, as it is “unhappy snowing” outside my window.  Yes, SNOWING.  For real.  Humph.

Princess Lindsey