Disney DIY-ing!

Just a SUPER quick post today, looking for some advice!  As I wrote awhile back, we bought a new house, and I’m looking to inject some quiet, adult, “hidden magic”-type Disney touches that only true Disney-philes might recognize.  It occurred to me today that I have a yucky, raw wood trunk that needs a paint job, and vintage stencils are all the rage right now, so why not?…I designed these 3 images as an homage to the Tower of Terror (what else could possibly be on my mind right now…oh yeah!…running ToT next month!) and need some help deciding which one is the winner!  So, ladies and gents…

#1 hollywood tower side design


#2 option 2 hth


…or #3? option 3 hth


…and one more late addendum.  I’m thinking one of the above imagines will look great on the widest sides of the trunk…but I’d like to do something different on the top and/or the ends.  So, I’ll happily take your advice on which of these for the top as well! :)


#4  – A simple sketch of the Hollywood Tower exteriortower sketch

#5 – a vintage HTH room key tower key

…or $6 – a recreation of the art deco elevator from the “flashback” part of the hotel?  tower elevator

Thanks for your help, and I’ll make sure to share some photos of the work-in-progress and the finished product after this weekend! :)


~ Princess Lindsey

Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 34:




  • exhausted.  burnout. uh oh.
  • Still dealing with the move so fitness isn’t a priority right now.



  •  5 miles at an 8:02 avg pace



  •  Night off–last minute, front row tickets to see Tom Petty!! So worth it!



  •  Night off.  So. Darn. Tired.



  •  3.4 miles in celebration of my 34th birthday



  •  Nada–no time with birthday brunches and True Blood Finale parties…and cupake baking



  •  Not entirely sure as my watch died at 2.32 miles…I know I ran at least another mile and a quarter after that…so let’s call it 3.5 miles.



  •  5 fast miles – 7:34 min/mile avg pace!!!!!!

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •  Tuesday’s speedy 5 miles

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Make it through to Queen City Half.  Oy!  Feel like it’s going to suck. lol.


  • Week:   16.9 miles
  • Year: 665.82 miles
  • Week:  miles
  • Since July 23/14: …10.1 miles

Ugh. It’s Only Thursday

I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday.  When I learned of my mistake I was completely bummed out.  I need it to be Friday.  I need the weekend to catch up on some sleep, life, laundry and me.

But, I digress.  I don’t feel like being complain-y today.  I feel like hiking up those big girl panties (man I hate the word panties almost as much as I hate the word moist) and just getting her done so I can move on to my beloved Friday and the weekend.

Part of this idea of putting on the big girl panties is related to the fact that over the last week, I have found my time at work to be slow and un-engaging…I’m burnt out and I’m not sure it is at the level where going on my glorious WDW/Hawaii vacation is going to fix it. Oh and total tangent here, but coming to this revelation has made me rather excited–is that weird?  Somehow knowing that it’s not going to do it, it’s made me happy and excited as it seems to have lit the spark in me to start the process of making a change.

How am I going to do this ? Well, I have two separate strategies that I want to work on this weekend. One that is all about managing my current situation and trying to make the most of it and keep it from making me miserable.  This one is going to be hard, but I’m going to approach it like I approach race training.  Trial and error until I figure out what works.  The other strategy, my exit strategy will be a bit more straight forward.

I do, however, always welcome advice–so dear bloggy friends, care to share?  How did you survive being burnt out at a job?  How did you make a job you didn’t like work for you until you were able to get out?  What tips can you share on getting out of a job or looking for a new one?  Perhaps even in a different field?

Take care and Happy Small Friday!

~Princess Lisa