Grams celebrated her belated 80th birthday with a 22 minute improvement on her 10K time and winning her age group!

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These last two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Between Disney, Hawaii and even this last weekend of accompanying my grandma on her second 10K ever (she PR’d by 22 minutes)…I feel like I need another week off just to recover.  … Continue reading

It’s Almost Here!!

I find myself checking the clock incessantly – partly because I really really want work to be over soon…and partly because I have a billion things to do before I hop on a plane 16 short hours from now!

Just a sneak preview of our running gear, and a teaser about our MNSSHP costumes: “We’re going to rip you to pieces!! :)”

For any of our blogosphere friends who are attending, we might be hard to get in touch with since neither of us broke down and paid $7 million dollars for international cell phone data, but we will be checking in periodically on twitter or the blog when we have wi-fi, so drop us a line here or send us a DM on twitter if you want to meet up!



Just Breathe

The last 12 hours or so have been rather frustrating.  Tech problems, work problems and very little sleep due to me trying to work on said tech problems has left me feeling grumpy and hungry as all get out.

So…while I try and breathe through my second last day of work before I head out on a glorious vacation, please enjoy this youTube clip…simply because it makes me happy:

Later Tater! :)

~Princess Lisa