Up the Game: Week 1 Progress

Hey Folks!

So it has been one whole week since I posted my no scale weight loss challenge.  So far, so good…though I did have some cake this weekend. lol.  I also ran really hard and ate well otherwise, so I am hoping it all balances out.

Below are the tales of the tape.  The first number in bold is the newest measure.  The number on the right in parenthesis is last week’s number:

Chest: 38″  (38.5 “)

Waist: 31.75″  (32″)

Abdomen (around belly button-aka my trouble zone):  35.5″   (35.5″)

Hips:  38.25″ (38.5″)

Thighs:  23.5″  (23.25″)

I don’t know what a good amount to lose in a week is, but I’m pretty happy to have lost anything  I felt like my jeans felt a bit more comfortable (despite there not being much of a difference in my waistline measurement).  I am hoping that this trend continues in the future–esp as the holidays creep closer and I have to start testing all my recipes out so they are ready for company to munch.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

P.S. I will post monthly photos as I don’t think that there will be much noticeable change in pics from week to week.

Friday Five: My Christmas List

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Which means time for making a list to give to my dear old Dad for Christmas gifts.  I tell him not to get me stuff but he insists on a list of 5 to 10 items…thus here’s my top five items.

1. This cape scarf and these jeans from Madewell.  Yes it’s two items, but only because they give free shipping with a $150 purchase…and well, both of these together would meet that amount.

81KgmxO0u+L__SL1500_2. Waffle iron plates for my Cuisinart Griddler.  This Griddler thing is one of my favourite appliances that I own.  It is a Panini press, a griddle, a grill and with the right plates, a waffle maker.  :)  It’s especially excellent for making breakfast for a crowd.




3.  Warm mittens.  I have these Eddie Bauer mits, that are like smokers mitts.  They break open so your hands freeze.  Thus, I want not break apart ones.  Preferably leather ones, with shearling (ie ugg boot insides) lining.  This is close to what I would like.


Le-Creuset-Enameled-Cast-Iron-7-1-4-Qt_-Round-Dutch-Oven4. A dutch oven.  I don’t have a normal roasting pan.  I have one gigantic one, which I use every three years on Christmas, when I cook for my extended family. I would love something smaller to cook chicken or other smaller roasts.  For the record, it doesn’t have to be le Creuset….though I do love their stuff…especially in blue or turquoise.




t485n_gel-nimbus-16_w_r_15. A new pair of runners. It’s not Christmas without asking for some sort of running stuff.  This year it’s simple.  A new pair of Asics Nimbus in a size 9.  Only they MUST be on sale…or I don’t want ‘em. lol.

So…this now begs the question, what are you asking for on your Christmas list?



Much Love,

~Princess Lisa



Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 45


Colour Code


  • Encouraged, excited, worried.
  • ready to get started, worried about hernia
  • Yellow.  Just feeling frustrated and my running confidence is dying a herniated death.



  •  4.11 miles at an 8:15 pace
  • 30/30/30 and hernia rehab exercises
  •  Yellow.  Slight pains in my hernia, had to stop.
  • Think it’s because I didn’t do my rehab exercises on my weekend away.



  •  4.25 running
  • 1.30 walking (run club friend joined me on the neighboring treadmill)
  • Total mileage 5.55
  • 30/30/30 and hernia rehab
  •  Orange.  My hernia hurt and I had zero energy.



  •  Rest Day
  • slipped on some ice and tweaked my hernia



  •  Total mileage 5.6 miles
  • 4.25 run miles
  • 1.35 walk mailes
  • the rest is w/u & c/d
  •  Orange.
  • A bit sore and felt super tired today.



  •  8 miles (woo!)
  • 30/30/30 and hernia rehab
  •  green.
  • Felt great, ran decently fast, only twinges of pain.



  •  unplanned rest day due to a migraine



  • 7 miles run/walk
  • 6.25 run
  • 0.75 walk w/u & c/d
  • hernia exercises and 30/30/30
  •  GREEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!
  • Must calm down just in case this is temporary.

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •   Tuesday’s completely pain free run!!!!!!

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Keep running and more importantly keeping up with my hernia exercises.


  • Week:  30.26  miles
  • Year:  858.97 miles