Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 16:




  • Exhausted, frustrated, determined
  •  Life still too hectic…but life will be normal again soon.



  • 5 miles in 40:48
  • had to stop once as my hamstring was cramping
  • felt really hard, but I was proud to have gutted it out.



  • Nada–en route to Toronto for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K



  • Nothing, but a TON of walking around the gorgeous and warm city of Toronto



  • 1.84 miles as part of the Friendship Shakeout Run for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K.  Felt good to move a bit.



  • 6.28 miles in 49 minutes as per the Toronto Yonge Street 10K- a New PR



  • 4 miles (32:52)
  • Stretching



  •  4 miles (31:55)

Highlight(s) of the Week

  • PRing in Toronto.  It was unexpected and wonderful as my friend PR’d too.
  • Breaking 200 miles for the year

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  • Start Fargo training.  The Half is less than a month a away and the longest I have run is 10K.


  • Week: 22.12 miles
  • Year: 200.69 miles
  • Week: 0
  • Year: 17ish

Thursday Thoughts

Hey there,

Much like Lisa, I’m feeling pretty burnt out right now.  I’m still not working out, not eating well, not sleeping well, and feeling pretty much like I don’t have enough time or energy for anything that counts as “extra”.  But exciting stuff is starting to happen, and it’s finally to the point that I can at least talk about it in non-vague terms!

Mainly, I got a new job! – Manager of League Operations for an adult sports/recreation company.  So…yay!  The recruitment process was kind of (overly) intense, so that’s a lot of what had me stressed out in the past few weeks.  Plus, I’ve actually been dealing with it since during our vacation about 6 weeks ago…so it was a long time in the making.    And then, I had to go through the next stressful part: quitting.  And let me tell you, THAT wasn’t all fun and games because my boss said “So, you’re giving your notice?  Oh. I thought you were going to tell me that you were pregnant!”  Uhm…nope.  So…maybe I need to stop eating licorice and Sour Patch Kids for lunch, and make it to the gym a little more often, if that’s how it’s gonna be….  And today, now that everyone knows, I’m starting to deal more with the goodbyes and sad faces, and that’s sucky.  But, I was reminded during a phone call with my grandma last night that it’s not all bad.  I said “…but it’s hard to leave.  I don’t wanna make new friends!” and she said “well, there’s always good people that you’re leaving behind, but there will be good people at the new place too, so don’t worry.”  And, she’s right, of course.

So, between today and May 1st…there is a LOT of stuff I need to do, so I apologize in advance if I’m MIA again, but I’m hoping that I can find some time to get back in the gym (or out on the pavement) and eat some real food and get some real sleep…and do all my work in between.  And soon, I get to talk sports and running and fun stuff all day every day!  So…yay for that!

Princess Lindsey

Random Ramblings

Is anyone else blown away by the fact it is mid-April?  I am.  Especially since I’m still wearing winter jackets and accessories.  WTF Mother Nature?  As someone who lives in a city where summers always feel really short, this is not helping me in staying upbeat and positive.

I’m also exhausted–mentally, physically, emotionally…and in every other way possible, if there are other ways.  I feel like I need a reset or refresh button for my life as the last few months have sort of done me in.  Does anyone else ever wish they could just pause everything so you could just chill for a few days and recover/relax/just be?  The urge to find this magical refresh/reset button is big for me right now as I have a crazy May and June ahead with five work trips and one personal trip ahead of me.  Three of these trips will be in the month of June alone.

What do other bloggy folks do when they are run down?  Any advice?

Until the wise people of the interwebs offer up some tips and tricks I will be left of my own devices.  I’m currently counting down until my four day weekend begins at 4:30 pm today.  There isn’t as much down time as I would like, but it has some fun parts with dear friends (see below), so I’m grateful for that.  I mean, what better way to spend your time than with people you love, right?  I think I might also sleep away most of Sunday.  It’s my only commitment free day and I think that a napping on the couch while watching tv/movies day sounds great–oh and I have to sneak in a 9 mile run….but otherwise, it is all about the naps on Sunday….and Mad Men :)

Enough about me complaining about being tired–I know everyone is tired. lol.  There are some things that are fun going on, too.

I get to bake and decorate cupcakes with my little friend B and her mom tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to it–and not simply because it is an opportunity to consume butter cream, candy decorations and cake with good company around me, but because I find baking simply makes me happy.

I’m also excited that so many lovely, fellow bloggers have secured their registrations for Dopey and Goofy in 2015!  I will be cheering for you from Winnipeg while you guys run your way through 39.3-48.6 magical miles in Disney World and get your hands on 3-6 beautiful medals!  I hope that I can join them in 2016 for a few magical miles myself.  Wanna follow their journey?  Here are links to their pages:

Take care and have a good one everyone!

~Princess Lisa