Oh Hello There Friday–You Ravishing Beauty!

Obviously, I’m pretty darn thrilled that it is Friday.

Work is going to be a bit more painful then usual today.  The combination of a strategic planning session over lunch and knowing I won’t be around in four weeks is going to make it feel long, but meh…it could be worse. Especially since I did start the day with this delicious donut….mmm nutella glaze!

The rest of my weekend is essentially promised to no one–I have a few errands to run and a few tentative phone dates with friends who live far away, but otherwise, there is nothing going down–and it feels great. I may just nap away most of Saturday…and I think it will be glorious.

I actually feel oddly good today–and it’s not just about the donut.  I got the first, really solid night of sleep in a long, long time.  Between my stress with the potential new boy (such relief when I ended it–so what does that tell ya?), the applying/interviewing/stressing about the new job and training for Pixie Dust…I haven’t been sleeping.  But last night, I was asleep by 11 and when my alarm went off this morning at 5:45, I did not press snooze…I got up, made my bed and started my day and it felt pretty glorious.

Wow…apparently my word of the day today is glorious…who knew?

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble too much as I have a seemingly never ending task list of things to do before I leave this job and I don’t want to work overtime to finish them.  Hope you have a Friday and well, a weekend that is…of course….GLORIOUS!!!

Much love,

~Princess Lisa

Food–How Do I Love and Hate Thee

I recently went to a friends house where she made me a lovely dinner of chicken parm, a lovely tomato parmesan risotto and a lovely antipasto plate as an appetizer while we cooked.  Yes, we.  I demanded to help as I saw this as an opportunity to learn.

It was so fun.  I felt the stress melt away…sorta like it did when I was baking. (btw, I brought some yummy lemon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream). I was like…man I could get used to this…even if we didn’t eat until 9:30/10pm.

This lovely cooking experience, followed by my general malaise around cooking for myself of late has inspired me to shake some stuff up–I mean, not like I don’t have enough going on…business trips, race-cations, new jobs…why not add cooking to the mix?

So to start, I am going to try to actually use the “lessons” from The Kitchn’s Cooking School that they virtually ran via email and blog posts in Fall 2014.  There are 20 lessons in total, ranging from Knife Skills to Braising and each lesson gives your three options for homework assignments..  There is even a baking one, but I think it is safe to say I can skip that one.

What are my end goals in this project, well, learning how to cook obviously, but I think it’s also about building a good repertoire of healthy, easy meals to make after work or for breakfasts and lunches.  I’m sick to death of either eating boxed meals (though I will never tire of Trader Joe’s Wisconsin Mac and Cheese) or the same boring baked chicken and I want to have the abilities to impress people with more than my baking abilities.  Plus, I need to start eating healthier.  I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon in a big way since Christmas and knowing that I’m heading into a run hiatus makes me fearful of massive weight gain (never mind losing any of my remaining fitness and speed).

I’m going to try to start this weekend, with an obvious hiatus during my trip to Disneyland for Pixie Dust.  And yes, I will try my best to update you on the progress and even some of the recipes if I find some good ones–though I will admit, i’m horrible at taking pictures mid-food prep. lol.

Take care and happy Small Friday!

~Princess Lisa

Big News

It is now official.




My last day with my current organization is exactly a month away.  So little time when you consider I am away for a week to run Pixie Dust Challenge and on a short business trip.

So excited to have this new job.  It’s a chance to expand my skills, learn and simply be challenged.  I cannot wait!  Oh and best of all–NO TRAVEL!!!!  I will not be stuck in airports for 7 hours during snow storms anymore!

Did I mention that I am excited?!

Because I am!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa