Shift in Training

So colour me excited!

I get to run FAST-ish again.


I hit up physio and my regular physiotherapist is back from her trip to Spain. Destroys me with cupping and deep tissue massage…says I should shift my run training…from long and slow to short and fast.

I was like..ummm…beg your pardon?

But I get to “flirt” with speed work.  Start at 9 min miles…and then try to do a bit of distance at an 8:50 or and 8:40 and then slow it back down again…running no longer than 5K.


Oh and–my grams, who I just signed up for her next (4th) 10K, got a shout out from the race director!  How cool is this?


How cool is that?  Can’t wait to show grams this weekend!

Happy Tuesday folks!

~Princess Lisa

Beginnings and Ends

This is what freedom looks like!

This is what freedom looks like!

Well, finally did it.  Broke up with the guy I mentioned in my Summer Bucket List!  I tried to do it last week, but he wanted another chance to try…well, he didn’t try and it ended yesterday…thank goodness.  So yeah…number 16 on my list is done done done. WOO!

Also had a surprising, friendship breakup–all in the same weekend.  So it’s been a doozey of a week.

Now that the “ends” are over (or so I hope)…I’m looking forward to a mini-break on the dating front…at least a month…need the burnout from all the weird dudes to subside.

I am going to spend my time with friends, relaxing, decluttering, fitnessing (yes that is a word) and cooking. Oh and knocking things off of my bucket list.

Much love,

~Princess Lisa

Starting the Search for a Humble Abode

At some point in the next 6 months-ish, I am hoping to buy myself a home.  Clearly this is a rather big deal and will be one of the biggest financial decisions of my life.  The added pressure of being the only one on the hook to pay for that mortgage makes it feel that much bigger (and yes, I know that MANY other people do this, so I’m not trying to be a martyr) in my head.  It was never something I thought I would do by myself.  I figured it would always be with a partner…but I digress.

I am totally struggling between having a condo or townhouse or just a proper, small house.  I have never lived in anything but a house…so living in an apartment style condo, with shared walls and smells and possibly noisy, weird neighbours, concerns me.  On the flip side–a house is just, well, a house.  Much more work, maintenance, etc….but then, at least, it is all mine.  Town house style condo–umm…no idea what that would be like…depends on your neighbours I guess.

I’ve started looking at real estate postings of homes in my area….nothing is cheap and the variety of nice places and not so nice places for wide ranges of cash is astonishing.  It feels a bit overwhelming.  In all honesty, I’m afraid of getting screwed over, ending up with something I immensely regret after or that I will end up part of a bidding war and become ridiculously house poor.

Oh and another thing to consider–a new build?  A fixer upper?  A fixed up old property?  So many decisions…

I’m also excited about this opportunity, too…so rest assured, it isn’t all doom and gloom.  Finally, a place of my own…where I can decorate, clean (or not), bake at midnight…whatever I wish….at any time I wish.  I look forward to buying an amazing bed with beautiful pillows and linens, and maybe updating a shower so that it has some funky shower head.  I want a kitchen that I can cook for friends in…maybe leisurely sip wine while I simmer some risotto and toss a lovely fresh salad.  I want a comfy couch to snuggle up on during cold winter nights…preferably with a handsome man, but we all know that is not that likely given my luck.  I want a spare bedroom where my adopt a nieces and nephews can have sleepovers followed by banana pancake breakfasts.

But it’s all a vision right now…we’ll see how it all plays out over the next six months..and, yes, of course, I will keep you posted. :)

Much love,

~Princess Lisa